5 Reasons Why Emotional Healing Should Be a Major Factor in Reaching Goals

Emotional Healing and Goals: How Healing Helps Us Achieve Goals Better

I once stumbled upon an article about mountain climbers, a write-up that probably explains why climbers still look at peace despite their struggles. Reading about them made me learn about their mental and emotional training. To weather the arduous trek ahead, climbers must be in excellent condition in body, mind, and spirit. 

This detail about mountain climbers reminded me about healing and how healing our mind, body, and soul can help us achieve our big New Year Goals. 


The Benefits of Emotional Healing

As a Reiki and Energy healer, I’ve always been a big advocate for healing deep, emotional wounds. Sometimes, our physical and mental complaints can have an emotional cause that needs attention. Restlessness, exhaustion, and a loss of interest in things that used to spark our desire to achieve meaningful goals can have an underlying cause tracing back to emotional wounds. 

If I may, I’d like to use the mountain climber analogy. 

One deep wound can alter the journey of a climber. An injury on the soles can mean a slower pace. An open wound on the palms can limit the ability to navigate around peaks and terrain smoothly. Carrying a heavier load can cause a climber to experience more fatigue in the trek. 

Like in life, wounds like guilt, envy, bitterness, and shame can stunt our progress, deny us the confidence to achieve goals, and drag us into doubt and exhaustion. 

The more we deal with unhealed emotional pain, the more we lose our inner voice – the voice that believes in us and our capacity. 

Healing emotional wounds reverses the effects of invisible cuts and bruises and allows us to move forward and live our lives the way we aspire it to be. 



Emotional Healing


How Emotional Healing Helps Us Achieve Our Goals

So why should healing be a big part of your goals for 2021? We have five reasons why emotional wellness is a big secret to success in life. 


#1 It Helps Us Focus on Our Journey

No one talks about how childhood comparisons can have long-term effects. 

But having talked to a client whose childhood was filled with moments where he was pitted against one hardship after another reinforced my thoughts on how emotional wounds can make adulthood challenging. 

Healing for him meant freedom from continually wanting to get the approval of others. 

For him, breaking free from the need to be the ultra-best allowed him to pursue the things he liked without caring if it’s as big or as prominent as someone else’s job. 

People such as this client, who carry unresolved emotions find it hard to focus on their journey and their little successes. Perhaps at a young age, adults told us to shrug off mean comments, or “toughen up, don’t cry” when crying is exactly what we needed at the moment, “everyone goes through the same thing,” making our experience seem small and insignificant. Assuming you listened to these comments and dusted off your emotions, suppressing them instead, you may not have realized how deeply impactful those moments were. Even the daily choices we make as an adult could be subconsciously tied to the hurt and pain of significant unresolved wounds without realizing. 

We may even try to endure through that pain or spin it into a positive light, but sometimes not knowing that the latter could create more issues and impact our emotional health negatively, such as self-sabotage. Regardless of how much we try to “push through,” we may find it especially difficult to move into the next part of our journey in a healthy manner. 

In my client’s example, healing saved him from continually doubting himself and helped him discover the path he truly wants to take. It allowed him to feel a real sense of empowerment, and from there on, he was able to make healthier decisions that served him better.


#2 It Allows Us to Hear the Inner Voice Better

Sometimes, shame and self-doubt can live rent-free and our minds, and they would try to wreak havoc every chance they get. 

The more we’re overwhelmed with emotional pain, the less we hear our inner voice – the voice that speaks encouragement and strength to us. 

Healing shame and self-doubt allows us to listen to our inner voice more clearly. Being in touch with this small voice can help us achieve goals that can truly bring us happiness. 

#3 It Prevents Guilt from Haunting Us

Guilt is awful. It snatches joy so quickly. It stops us from seeing our potential by reminding us ever so often that there’s no use achieving goals. 

“It’s over. You messed up because you’re broken. Don’t even bother trying.” are just some of the guilt’s favorite lines. 

Healing from the thing that triggers guilt allows us to move forward in peace. 

Healing guilt will remind us that we’re worth it, we’re worthy of another chance, and we’re capable of becoming better than we once were. 

#4 It Gives Us a Clearer Vision for Our Life 

Emotional problems prevent us from seeing what our life can become. They take the excitement away from achieving new goals and reaching new milestones. 

Wounds to the emotions can make us feel unworthy to enjoy the great things coming into our lives. 

Healing is freedom from the rocks that hold us down. Emotional healing cuts the ties that make our vision of ourselves blurry. We begin to see the road we’re taking and the goals we need to cross off to pave the way. 

Healing makes it possible for us to see more clearly, more abundantly what we can indeed be. 

#5 It Allows Us To Celebrate Success the Healthy Way

Imagine achieving success without bitterness, without a tinge of revenge, and without needing to prove anything to anyone. Isn’t that beautiful? 

Healing makes success healthy, beautiful, satisfying. When we are healed, we can be “magnanimous in victory, gracious in defeat.” We can reach the pinnacle of our success without feeling like we’re carrying heavy burdens with us. 

When our emotional challenges are healed, we can set more healthy goals without being influenced or swayed by guilt, shame, or bitterness. When we’re healed, we can celebrate more, and we can achieve more. 

Intuitive Emotional Healing: One Step to Reaching Big Goals

Healing is a personal process. You can work on it yourself and or with an intervention from a therapist. 

Another form of healing can be traced back to ancient times – Reiki and Intuitive Healing. 

Intuitive Healing addresses years and years of trauma, guilt, and pain. 

To be healed is to be free. Like mountain climbers getting ready for a climb, we can better reach our 2021 goals if we’re in the right place – body, mind, and spirit. This year, heal wounds, let go of what ties you down and achieve the things you truly want.