What is Distance Reiki Healing & Does It Work?

Not in Hong Kong, but keen to try Reiki? No worries. Reiki can be offered to anyone, anywhere in the world!

Reiki is energy work and energy transcends time and space. Just like more people are working remotely from home, all they need is Wi-Fi.

For qualified Reiki practitioners trained in Distance Reiki (typically those who have completed Reiki Level 2 and up), we’re connected to the Reiki energy source and can share it with anyone at any time.

To facilitate a Distance Reiki session, a well-trained Distance Reiki practitioner can connect with the energy field of the person receiving Reiki healing energy.

Having a photo of the receiver is helpful so oftentimes, a recent photo is asked for prior to a Distance Reiki session. It helps us create a bridge of energy between us (the practitioner) and the receiver or the situation to be treated. Once the connection is established, treatment can be given exactly as if we were in the same room together, just as effectively.

What Happens During A Practice of Distance Reiki Session?

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Just like an in-person Reiki session, you’ll want to be rested in a comfortable position (i.e in bed or on your sofa). We begin with a brief conversation over video call or over the phone to discuss particular issues, areas of focus (i.e. what you would like to heal from, whether it’s from the past, present, or fears that you may have about the future).

After that, you will be asked to turn off your computer or mobile devices for the duration of the session and lay down comfortably on your bed or sofa.

Alternatively, you may sit upright so long as you are comfortable. You will need to provide a recent photo of yourself so we can stay connected to your energy field and focus the healing on you.

After the Distance healing treatment, we reconnect afterward to discuss anything that may have come up during the remote session. Sometimes my clients anticipate that they will be resting deeply or sleeping so we may touch base a few hours later or the next day (depending on the time zone).

Not able to meet or chat prior to your Reiki treatment? No problem. Distance Reiki Healing sessions can be facilitated and we can jump straight into the treatment and discuss what you’d like to focus on prior to your scheduled session over email, text or voice chats. It’s helpful to know how you’ve been feeling and what has sparked your interest in a Distance Reiki Healing session. We can always recap how your session went afterwards through the same means of communication.

Stuck at work or on the go? You can choose to enjoy their Reiki session at home, while at work or even be out shopping so Distance Reiki sessions can save a person time while receiving the benefits of Reiki. Although just to point out that on the receiving end, there might be a lower awareness of the Distance Reiki Healing experiences and any sensations from it if you’re running around during your session.

Of course, it’d still be great if you’re a busy person to take a little time out and give yourself an opportunity to slow down, rest and fully experience a Distance Reiki session just to connect with yourself, however it’s absolutely not necessary and you can go about your day if that’s what you’d prefer.

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Are there any Differences between an in-person session V.S a Distance Reiki Session?

There are essentially no differences between an in-person or Distance Reiki session other than we’re not in the same room physically and that you won’t be feeling the physical touch as you would during an in-person session but you would fully receive the benefits of Reiki for sure.

What are Distance Reiki Healing Sessions Used to Treat?
What are Distance Reiki Healing Sessions Used to Treat

Distance Reiki Healing sessions are most commonly used to address:

  • Stress Relief

  • Trauma Healing

  • Anxiety

  • Grief or Loss

  • Separation/Divorce

  • Depression

  • Chronic pains or discomforts (to reduce or provide pain relief) (i.e. back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulders)

  • Chronic illnesses and conditions such as cancer, diabetes, liver, kidney failure, auto-immune diseases, hypothyroid or hyperthyroid issues.

  • Speed Up Recovery (anything from minor colds, wounds to post-surgery recovery)

  • Mental blocks, mental fatigue, or brain fog (to be free the mind from being “stuck”, to provide more focus and clarity, to unleash your creativity again, to accept the realities of life)

  • Healing Emotional Wounds

  • Creating more self-awareness and intuition (or to increase/improve levels of)

  • For general well-being management (to restore our personal and professional well-being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually)

  • Mental and Emotional Healing for Important Life Events or Situations (before, during, or after) (i.e. complicated pregnancy or birth)

  • Relationships (to heal your relationship with yourself, your inner child, with loved ones, or important colleagues)

  • Assisting with Life and Death Transitions

    Clients I Typically Facilitate Distance Reiki Healing Sessions For:

  • Clients who prefer to experience Reiki in an environment of their choosing.

  • Clients who would like to be more efficient with their time (you can book long distance Reiki while you’re at work, or out shopping and still inherit the benefits of Reiki).

Distance Reiki Healing sessions are most commonly used to address

  • Clients in quarantine.

  • Sick or elderly clients who aren’t as mobile.

  • Pregnant women during different stages of their pregnancy.

  • Expecting mothers during the delivery of their child.

  • Post-pregnancy mothers to heal their bodies or heal from traumatic births.

  • Sick, Disabled, or Senior Pets who aren’t as mobile.

  • Lost or missing pets

  • People or pets during their last moments of life to assist with a smoother, more peaceful transition.

  • Relatives, friends, or loved ones who may be in the above situations or live far away to provide an extra source of healing, love and comfort.

  • Caregivers who are burnt out and exhausted and could do with an extra boost of energy or find a balance of energy again.

How Often Should I Get Distance Reiki Sessions?

Regular Distance Reiki treatments (i.e. once or twice a month) also help significantly as a way of prevention or management of existing issues like the ones mentioned above.

How to Schedule a Distance Healing Session

You can schedule your appointment online with me or drop me a message at https://coriechu.com/.

Due to time zone differences, if you’re looking for alternative times that are not showing on the schedule, please feel free to get in touch with us at hello@coriechu.com and we can see we can accommodate your preferred start time.

I work with tons of clients in the US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, the UAE, Singapore, Taiwan, and China on Distance Reiki and Distance Intuitive Energy Healing sessions.

The different time zones often play in our favour as some clients in the States like to have a Reiki session just before they are turning into bed, and UK clients like the idea of getting Reiki just as they’re waking up. Distance Reiki sessions also allow me to work with clients in my time zone at night too after dinner if needed.

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Over the last year or more now, I’ve even facilitated Distance Reiki sessions for people in quarantine. It’s a wonderful tool to help them cope with the long periods of being cooped up in a room while supporting their mental, physical, emotional, and energetic well-being. (And in case anyone is wondering, you can’t catch COVID energetically through a Distance Reiki.)

I’ve been really honoured to be able to facilitate Distance Reiki Healing sessions for people and pets remotely. My clients who have met me in person for sessions and tried remote sessions have told me they feel the benefits of Reiki just the same.

I’ve had the privilege of assisting several clients over the years who had been severely ill and provided Distance Reiki sessions towards the end of their journey, and a few times during their last moments of life. Distance Reiki sessions can most definitely provide more peaceful and smoother transitions. It can get really heart-breaking, but to be able to support someone during the end of their life is a true honour. I’ve provided Distance Reiki for lost pets to give them a sense of comfort while they are finding their way home too.

Some of them don’t end up making it as they may be too tired, hungry, or injured which breaks my heart, but again, to be able to be with them during their last moments, even from a distance, is a real privilege.

On the contrary, I’ve also facilitated many more Distance Reiki sessions for expecting mothers throughout different stages of their pregnancy, during the actual delivery of their child, and after birth, as some had traumatic births.

What Can I Do to Fully Get the Benefits of Remote Reiki?

Tips to Maximize your Distance Reiki Healing Session:

  • Choose a quiet location where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of your session (i.e. your bedroom with your phone set on airplane mode or switched off completely for the session)

  • It’s best to have a Distance Reiki Healing Session at night before you would normally go to sleep, or during the day if you can afford a short nap.

  • If you prefer to have Distance Reiki Healing sessions while you are at work or on the go during the day, that is absolutely fine too. Reiki can be received at any time of the day. It won’t impact your ability to work

  • It may help you feel more relaxed which might actually end up being beneficial if you happen to be encountering any stressful situations during the treatment. Please note that you might just not be as aware of effects just because you won’t be experiencing a Reiki treatment as quietly.

  •   If you are having a Reiki session in the morning or during the day, try not to make too many plans afterward and take it easy so you can allow the benefits of Reiki to continue flowing. Reiki can keep working with you for up to 48 hours.

  •   Purely as a suggestion, it’s best to avoid red meat, alcohol, and any toxic substances for 48 hours after your Reiki treatment if possible, but it is not a must.

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What is Needed for Your Appointment?

Please email us with the following information prior to your session so we can start on time:

  • Your preferred method of contact (video call through Google, WhatsApp, Facetime, WeChat, Facebook or Instagram messenger services).

  • A clear, current photo of you, best if it is a full-body shot with no one else in the photo. A headshot is fine too.

  • If you have other identifying details you would like to share that may help with the session, feel free to send them along.

  • Please note if there is a daylight savings time change coming up in your country.

  • Be sure to wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict your relaxation during the treatment.

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The wonderful thing about Distance Reiki Healing sessions is that you’re able to enjoy the treatment from the comfort of your own home, workplace, or even hotel quarantine.

Distance Reiki extends our reach to give Reiki treatments and you can enjoy the benefits of Reiki wherever you may be!

There are truly no boundaries and we can work with anyone, anywhere and it is just as beneficial for anyone to receive Reiki through a remote Reiki session as you would during an in-person appointment.

Distance Reiki Healing Sessions can be facilitated to anyone or anything from anywhere. It’s great for clients who prefer to experience Reiki in an environment of their choosing, or would like to be more efficient with their time.

Additionally, it’s an effective and supportive tool for the sick, elderly, or pregnant women who are less mobile. And it’s been a great tool for clients who aren’t able/prefer not to meet in person.

Distance Reiki can be facilitated for people, pets, plants, or important events (wedding/job interview, etc) too.

I’m so looking forward to sharing Distance Reiki Healing with you. It’s truly a wonderful tool to support your holistic well-being wherever you are!