Choosing Wedding Dates with Numerology, Why It Isn’t Fortune Telling


By: Corie Chu

Read time: 4 minutes

Lately, I’ve had the honor of helping a few engaged couples explore the best wedding dates tailored to them to celebrate their big day. Traditionally (more in Asia), couples or their immediate family members turn to a fortune teller of their preferred cultural background to help the couple choose a wedding date. Usually they offer a few lucky wedding dates and times based on the couple's birth dates and birth times. They may give many reasons as to why the couple shouldn't look at other dates as they may be unfavourable towards their marriage, health, career etc, and intentionally, or unintentionally stir up some fear before they even made their partnership official, making one or both of the engaged partners feel uncomfortable. 

In our modern age, we offer Western Numerology as an another alternative way to explore the best wedding dates for the couple based on what they want to build and incorporate in their lifelong journey ahead. Hello, free will! We’re able to solidify their intentions through their wedding date, which creates extra meaning on their yearly wedding anniversary. 

Basically what's needed for a Wedding Date Numerology Consultation are:

1) The birth dates (month, day and year) of each individual in the engaged couple. 

2) Their intentions and desired energies in their marriage (i.e. love, honesty, travel, laughter, children, pets).

3) Any desire for specific periods or months of the year. 

From there, I would propose a few dates with the couple's intentions in mind, explaining the significance behind each one and make alterations as necessary. 

If you’re limited to date choices due to a venue’s availability or what not, then we can also work around that. 

The major difference I found between a Western Numerology consult for wedding dates in Hong Kong and a traditional Chinese fortune telling is that Numerology truly allows the couple to co-create and manifest desired energies into the marriage FIRST, that leads to finding the most favorable wedding dates VERSUS being given limited number of wedding dates that carry fixed destinies that the couple is restricted to and “have to live with”. In some cases I’ve also found that the best wedding dates offered from Chinese and Indian fortune tellers may even align with Western Numerology dates too so that’s a nice win-win for the couple. 

“We create a date together built from desired intentions from a happy couple versus being given specific dates to choose from and having to live with the destiny behind those dates for the rest of their marriage.”

I've even found that the partner who was initially less excited about getting any sort of reading around a wedding date (usually it's the men in the relationship, haha) suddenly get really excited, inspired and motivated from the numerology consult and ready to prep for the wedding and marriage!

Last year, I did a numerology consult for a Hong Kong couple who wanted nothing but babies as soon as possible. They had two wedding dates in mind due to the limited availability of the venue they chose. I explained how the second date calls in the energy of babies more strongly and sooner than the first date. I said I obviously couldn't guarantee anything but that they had a better chance with the second date. They ended up going with the second date and funnily enough three weeks after their wedding, they got pregnant! They had their baby recently and the mother booked a numerology reading for her baby and to look at their family dynamics while she was in confinement, haha! Isn’t that wild? Obviously, they weren't able to become pregnant from just a numerology consultation, but it was the co-creation that mattered most. They were so clear and had such healthy intentions to grow a family, and they prepared themselves and their bodies well in advance. Choosing a date that was more "baby-friendly" crystallised their intentions even more and the Universe clearly heard their manifestations from all angles and sped things up! 

If you or someone you know has recently gotten engaged and are wrestling around wedding dates, perhaps numerology wedding consultation can offer the happy couple a new, wider and refreshing perspective!

If you’d like to book a wedding date consultation, or a general Numerology reading to understand your relationship with numbers, click below!

P.S. if you’re already married and had a wedding date chosen for you, get a numerology consult to explore the Western Numerology take on it and see what the numbers has in store for you. It could help you understand each other even more and strength martial bonds! 💝