Finding the “Right” Reiki Practitioner

By Corie Chu, Reiki Master Teacher

(Read Time: 5 Minutes )

Interested in trying out Reiki Energy Healing but not sure who to work with?

I hear you! There are a good amount Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters around the world, and a lovely group of us in Hong Kong so how can you tell who’s “right” for you or not?

It’s ultimately about connection and timing, as guided by the Universe (or if you’d like, God, Creator, Source).

Here are a few things to take note of when you’re finding Reiki Practitioners for you.

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Find a Reiki Practitioner who is certified in Reiki Level 2 or higher. There are a total of 4 levels of Reiki training. In some lineages, it goes as Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki 3A, and Reiki 3B. Being certified in Reiki Level 2 means that the person is certified to practice Reiki as a Practitioner.

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Completion of Reiki Level 3 means that this person is a certified Reiki Master (holding the highest degree as a Reiki Practitioner). Reiki Level 4 or Reiki 3B is a Reiki Teacher Training level, completion of this level means that not only is this person a Reiki Master, he/she is certified and given the attunements and the responsibility to become Reiki Teachers (also known as a Reiki Grand Master).

Best Reiki Master Teachers are qualified to educate those who wish to be trained in Reiki (Levels 1-4, or 1-3B), passing the knowledge of Reiki, tradition and attunements down from teacher to student.

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Reiki is a powerful practice of its own, but it is also complementary with other healing modalities. Over the years, Reiki has been personalized and blended into other forms. The most traditional form of Reiki is called Usui Reiki from the Usui lineage.

Ask your Reiki practitioner if they are able to trace their lineage back to the very beginning of traditional Reiki. The first person of that Reiki family tree should always be Mikao Usui, the founder of Usui Reiki, who discovered Reiki in a metaphysical experience.


You’ll naturally be drawn to someone who you feel could really help you without knowing why (or maybe you like what you read/heard about this Reiki Practitioner) .

Usually it’s because you can relate to this person in some way or another. One of my teachers had always told me that practitioners and clients usually share very similar life experiences without knowing beforehand.

Who better to hold space for you than someone who’s been through the problem, healed it and knows how to direct healing energy to you in all the right places? And after building good rapport with your Reiki Healer, you won’t even have to tell them much. You can just show up and ask them to work on you. They’ll know just what you need. Just like you would with a great, licensed massage therapist or hairstylist.

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You should feel safe while working with your Reiki Practitioner. Reiki is a very personal experience. You are giving permission to someone to hear about your private life, and relay any guidance to you.

(*And remember, no naked Reiki! There is absolutely no reason to have to undress before a Reiki treatment unless it is incorporated with massage or similar bodywork with a licensed massage therapist.)

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This one is a little tricky in cities like Hong Kong. The reality is that the majority of us have high rent prices to deal with. Hong Kong is not alone on this. It’s just the same in London, New York and Los Angeles. Distance healing sessions, where Reiki can be facilitated via phone or phone may be more economical, but there are more variables involved (such as the surroundings, interruptions by another person or pet, or temptation to answer a phone call/text) which may affect your overall experience.

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In person Reiki sessions are facilitated in wellness spaces or out of the practitioner’s homes (both where rent or mortgages are involved). Costs for Reiki sessions in Hong Kong generally range from $900-$1500 HKD for 60 minutes. Just like most therapies, it will take multiple sessions to create long term, more effective healing.

If you’ve had a recurring issue for 10 years, it would be unrealistic to expect that it could be resolved in one simple healing. On average, it takes 3-5 sessions to address a certain focus with Reiki, and possibly longer with deeper issues. Even holistically happy people like to have a Reiki session every couple of months for maintenance or for spiritual development.

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How far are you willing to travel for a Reiki healing session? Convenience is important, however are you willing to go out of your way to work with a Reiki Practitioner that you’re more comfortable with? Again, Reiki sessions can also be held from a distance (not in person) although some practitioners, like myself, prefer to facilitate in-person session, so there’s really no need to find a reiki practitioner in your area.

If you have a spacious home, perhaps ask if your Reiki Healer is willing to travel to you for an additional fee. Otherwise, Distant Reiki Sessions are just as effective. You’ll receive all the benefits of a Reiki session from the comfort of your own choosing. I often facilitate Distant Reiki Healing sessions from Hong Kong for clients in the UK, US, Southeast Asia, Dubai, Europe, Australia, and various countries in South America. Distant Reiki sessions can be facilitated remotely to anyone living anywhere. That’s one of the key things I love about Reiki!

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Given the state of the pandemic, it’d be smart to make sure that your Reiki practitioner of choice is practicing in a safe, hygienic way. I’m talking about a clean space, clean linens, clean hands, face masks worn during the treatment along with safe distancing whenever possible on top of temperature checks and such.

Reiki is generally done as a hands-on treatment so you might want to double-check that your Reiki practitioner has washed his or her hands before your treatment or has applied alcohol gel-based hand sanitizers before getting to work. I personally have always covered my clients with a clean blanket and clean eye towel even before the pandemic started just so that they can get extra cozy during the treatment, but the bonus is that this keeps contact with bare hands during the treatment minimal to none at all.

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If you’re having trouble deciding, reach out to the Reiki Healer you’re interested in working with and have an initial conversation first about what you’re looking for. Good, honest Reiki Masters will always have your interest at heart.

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