Best Father’s Day Gift: Reiki Energy Healing For Dads

What sort of emotions do you think your father feels on a daily basis?

Fathers play a unique role in the family, and in society. They’re strong, protective, and the go-to person for difficult tasks. But as men, how they deal with emotions is unique. Unlike women, men prefer not to express their emotions, leaving everyone around them either overlooking what is unsaid, curious, and concerned as to what they’re really feeling. But just like moms, fathers carry overwhelming tasks and responsibilities, and even more so if your dad is a single dad. A Reiki treatment is a great gift for Father’s Day that will remind your dad how much you care for them and their overall well-being without having to say too much more. (Not sure how to find the right Reiki Practitioner?)

Having worked with plenty of clients who are fathers, we’ve seen that not only do these Reiki loving dads become physically stronger, they are filled with more positive energy, are more motivated, have more mental clarity, and best of all, feel more present when they are with their family, friends, and colleagues. It’s incredible that many of these dads have continued to integrate these benefits into their day-to-day as they continue to receive regular Reiki treatments at my healing studio in Hong Kong.

I’ve even trained a few fathers in Reiki Level 1 so that they can administer healing for themselves between their busy day, and provide Reiki treatments for their loved ones during their downtime (usually before their kids go to bed). As these dads have shared with me, it’s one of the best ROIs they’ve ever invested in!

What is Reiki?

If you’re someone new to Reiki treatments, you might wonder about what Reiki healing can do.

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation and stress reduction – two factors that can pave the way to healing. Within each person is life force energy that helps us feel alive. When negative energy from stress, unhealed emotional wounds, physical pain, and mental exhaustion blocks this energy flow, a person can feel heavy, burdened, and discouraged overall.

Reiki energy healing aims to minimize and remove the blockage to the energy flow to help an individual feel happier, healthier, and more alive to celebrate life.

Reiki for Dads – Is That a Thing? 

Dads and emotions – it’s easy to feel like the two aren’t a match. Fathers don’t easily show their emotions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel it. In fact, they might be feeling emotions on an even greater level without knowing it. The practice of keeping their emotions to themselves can make them feel all the more burdened.

There’s therapy in talking – and most women know that. But since men are accustomed to keeping their emotions to themselves, they tend to receive stronger emotional blows. Whereas in Reiki treatments, talk therapy is optional. There’s no need to talk through issues if people don’t want to because we work on an energetic level that heals holistically – mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually level. Most of the time, we don’t even realize we are carrying underlying emotions within emotions. The body is smart and takes what it needs naturally to heal, even when our conscious or subconscious resists, or isn’t aware of it.

With their roles as protectors, defenders, providers, and caregivers, dads carry a lot of unexpressed emotional, mental, and physical stresses that could be slowly draining them.

Reiki therapy for fathers is one of the best gifts for dads you can consider – it’s a loving reminder for dads that what they are feeling still matters to those closest to them, even if they prefer not to talk about it.

How Reiki Benefits Fathers

Reiki for Dads Reduces Pent Up Stress

Dads play stressful, fast-paced roles every day of their lives. Commonly, they carry the burden of protecting and providing for the family. These roles can be stressful, and dads don’t always have the luxury to release this chronic stress, or rather, give themselves permission to. With the relaxing, healing benefits of Reiki for dads, fathers can finally experience reduced stress and release weight off their chest and feel light as a feather again. It’s probably been so long since they’ve felt that way that they don’t even remember what it’’s like! Reiki also heals stress-induced emotional challenges like anxiety, depression, insomnia, stomach pains and digestive disorders such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Celiac Disease, or Crohn’s Disease.

Reiki for Fathers Help Them Relax

When walking with dads, we can always say “Hey, dad! Wait up!” They just walk so fast, and they’re always on their feet! Relaxation is a luxury for fathers who always need to work, pick up their kids, grab groceries, and stay alert even in the wee hours of the night. There’s a joke that says the hardest shoulders are that of a stressed dad!

Since relaxation is a luxury for fathers, one of the best gifts for fathers is a Reiki treatment. The serene and calm vibe of the Reiki clinic can help them relax, unwind, and let their guard down even for just a while.

Reiki Is A Great Way to Take a Quality Break

Fathers are always on the lookout for what they could give the people they need to provide for. Through a Reiki treatment, you can help them remember they need to care for themselves, too! “Me time” is not common for men, so remind them they need one too through Reiki!

It Heals Them Holistically 

As mentioned earlier, Reiki is not just a treatment that heals the body – it also heals the mind, the heart, and the spirit. It calms the mind’s racing thoughts, the heart’s worries, the body’s pains and discomforts, and the spirit’s discouragement.

It Makes Them Physically Stronger

It might sound ironic – but a gentle healing treatment such as Reiki can make dads physically stronger. Reiki for guys can help heal physical pains and ailments that enable men to be more physically capable and stronger! It even helps with speeding up recovery from any injuries too.


Reiki for a Stressed Breadwinner

Dads carry the unspoken burden of dealing with providing for their families. Sometimes, fathers also have to look after extended family members that might need additional financial and emotional support. Taking in all these energies can be exhausting for a father.

The proverbial selflessness of fathers – giving up something they want for what the family needs – can also come with a cost.

Reiki therapy for fathers can help lessen the emotional, and mental exhaustion that comes from supporting a household’s needs and expenses. It reminds them that despite their numerous responsibilities, caring for themselves should also be prioritized.


Reiki Energy Healing for Men

Men deserve healing, too. Fathers need a moment for themselves to heal, relax, and break free from life’s stresses. Fathers, breadwinners, and providers may not always say it out loud, but healing for their emotional, physical, and mental well-being is just as important.

Because of their strong masculine image in society, men and healing don’t seem to match. But men need it and dads need it.

Reiki can pave the way for healing a father and dad. If you’re considering gifts for Father’s Day, don’t forget to express your love and care for the very important man in your life with a Reiki session.

To know more about about all the Reiki Benefits.

We also have personalized e-gift certificates for Reiki, Numerology or Intuitive Energy Healing sessions for your dad! Just drop us an email with your contact info, his name, and the type of service you would like to gift and we will get your gift sorted quickly (within a few hours tops!)