What is Aura Healing and How Can It Help You?

What Is An Aura and Do I Have One?

Yes you most certainly have an aura! Your own aura is the color of your personal energy field that surrounds your physical body. When we are in a positive, healthy state, our aura glows outward, projecting radiance from within, out.

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Have you ever seen someone walk into a room, and it seems like they’ve completely lit the space up? Like a ray of sunshine? In the healthiest state, our aura could radiate up to seven feet from our physical body. Isn’t that wild?

Alternatively, when you’re in a negative, unhealthy state, your aura becomes dim, dark, or muted. You could stand in the same room without being noticed at all, like a wallflower.

Our aura serves and an energetic boundary around our physical body which though invisible to the naked eye, shouldn’t be overlooked in taking care of.

The word aura has become a much more familiar term in the wellness community nowadays, especially in yoga philosophy (and funny enough, also in K-dramas! I see it mentioned quite often in one of my favorite K-dramas, “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”).

If you do know of the word, then you may have also been told that you have various colors in your aura.

However, that isn’t true.

Contrary to what you’ve heard, we are born with one aura color only. More often than not, people get confused between the colors of the chakras and the auras, and they are unsure of what they are experiencing or possibly even seeing from their third eye.

When I shared about “What Is Reiki?” and other related blog posts before, what I didn’t point out is that Reiki works on a general level.

Reiki channels Universal white light during the energy healing process that can be safely applied to anyone in any condition (including the elderly, the sick, or anyone pregnant).

However, because we each have our own innate aura color, it actually benefits us even more if we are able to receive aura energy healing treatments specifically to fuel our individual aura. Enter Life Aura Healing or Aura Healing for short.

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What Is Aura Healing?

Life Aura Healing is a type of channeled positive energy healing that counter the negative energy that is also 100% safe for anyone to receive, including pregnant women, and it’s even better for the sick and elderly.

It truly helps with recovery. It is five times more effective and faster for your body to receive than basic energy healing systems like Reiki.

This is because Life Aura Healing detects the specific color of your aura and matches it exactly to give you more of the specialized color’s energy healing that benefits you to the core. You can see it as tailored energy healing for you, whereas other energy healing systems need to be recalibrated first to work for your energy field.

To put it a simple, loose example, Reiki is like blood type O negative, the universal blood type that can be shared with anyone. However, the way Life Aura Healing works is that it is channeling positive energy for your specific blood type, i.e. if your blood type is AB then it supplies more AB.

It’s personalized to your needs. But keep in mind, in this particular analogy, receiving more blood type AB would be more effective and efficient than receiving blood type O if that makes sense, as receiving blood type O is pretty much the same in actual blood transfusions.

Aura Healing

Life Aura Healing is not to be confused with Aura Cleansing, Aura Imaging, Color Healing, or Aura Readings as it is a very, very unique and advanced type of channeled energy healing that is not readily available around the world yet. Whereas other practices like aura cleansing and others above are more

Currently, this particular modality of healing is scarce as its founder Wu Sifu has only taught it to his pupils, of which I am one.

I offer Aura Healing as a type of healing service under my Intuitive Energy Healing sessions. Sessions can be done in person or remotely via a distance healing session.

What You Can Take Away From A Life Aura Healing Session:

  • Build stronger energetic boundaries

  • Be more resistant to lower vibrations or toxic energy.

  • Have positive affirmations as an extra layer of protection from “energy vampires”.

  • Higher energy levels, with a personalized type of energy healing to fill your aura for a longer period of time.

  • Heal from prolonged stress periods and over-exhaustion (aka burnout)

  • Feel more balanced for a longer period of time.

  • Helps dissolve any discomfort or pain in your body.

  • Become more radiant.

  • Supports healing around chronic issues.

  • Supports healing in the physical body, as well as mental.

  • Boosts your immune system.

  • Increases your body’s recovery rate post-surgery or after receiving major medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation.

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How To Get An Aura Healing Session

Life Aura Healing sessions are available in-person at my studio in Central, Hong Kong, or remotely, via a Distant Aura Healing session which can be facilitated for anyone living anywhere in the world.

Sessions usually begin with a brief conversation over the phone or video call and then we move into the treatment where you will be asked to lie down on a comfortable massage bed. Alternatively, if you’re doing a distant healing session, then you can lay down in your own bed or sofa.

After the treatment, we will end our session with an overview of the experience from the session and any particular notes that came up, and also have a few minutes to answer any additional questions you may have.

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For those who are doing distant healing sessions and may prefer to rest privately, like to get a session in your time zone before going to bed, we can recap your session the next morning or over text or voice notes over Whatsapp too.

You can book a session at coriechu.com under my Intuitive Energy Healing services, which includes Life Aura Healing. 90-minute sessions are best for new clients, and 60-minute sessions are perfect for follow-ups.