The Significance of Age 27 in Numerology And 9 Year Life Cycles

When I was 27 years old, I gave up my job at one of the largest film studios in Hollywood, my beautiful apartment just a few blocks away from Santa Monica Beach, sold my car, packed my bags, and moved from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires. You might think, “Why on earth did you do that?”

I had long heard of the term “Saturn Return” from one of my spiritual awareness teachers who was quite the astrology buff. She had told us that the Saturn Return hits between the ages of 27 and early 30s, and it’s a phase when the planet Saturn returns to the same exact place (sky) when you were born.

At the end of the Saturn Return, we are meant to wake up, leave our childlike behavior behind, and become proper adults. This is as much astrology as I’ll ever be able to share, as I’m not an astrologist. Instead, what I will share with you is the significance of the age 27 in numerology.

In numerology, we reduce any number above 11 into a single-digit number by splitting up each double-digit number or above and adding them one-by-one. So in the case of the number 27 meaning, we will split up the 2 and 7 and add them together (2+7=9). 27 equals 9 in numerology.

The number nine is a number of completion, as we call it in numerology. When we come across the number nine, or live on a day of the nine (i.e. September 5, 2020, which is 9+5+2+0+2+0=9), the month of the nine (September) or year of the nine (i.e. 2007, 2016, 2025, which all equal nine), it’s a wonderful time to gain spiritual awakening and put something to an end so that you can start fresh. It could be a clean-up phase, where you tie up loose ends before moving forward with something new.

At the time when I was 27, and I had grown tired of working 14-hour days, long commutes where I was stuck in traffic for hours, and living close to the beach but barely having enough time to appreciate it. I was exhausted from the day-to-day job where there wasn’t much creativity. I had actually wanted to leave my job a few years ago, but what kept me going was working with people I loved.

One of my fellow colleagues, who was 30 years old at the time, had been battling cancer and was constantly in and out of the hospital for treatments, which was a wake-up call for everyone. Not much later, I started developing chronic issues in my body, and I knew it was time for me to focus on healing myself before things got worse and that I needed a big lifestyle change.

In fact, I realized I had started working at age 15 onwards, and then had three different jobs a day during college to pay for school, basic expenses, and to support my family and had never taken much of a break.

So at the time, when my family and I felt more financially stable, I decided to listen to my inner voice that it was time to take a leap of faith and do something radically different for myself.


I honestly didn’t think much of the significance of the spiritual number nine at the time and didn’t have a solid understanding of numerology. All I knew was that my mind, body, and soul were just as keen on having a major change in life, and I wanted to honor that intuition.

I had visited Buenos Aires the year before on holiday and felt incredibly at home during the week, so without needing to think too much, I knew that was the place I wanted to be.

I had zero plans for how I would work or where I was going to live. I knew one person who lived in the city at the time, and that was my former Airbnb host.

But none of that mattered because I knew that it was time for a change and I trusted the Universe to help me make that transition if it would serve me well.

Thinking back now as a numerology teacher, I would say that I 100% lived in alignment with number nine’s energy when I was turning 27.

I left my old, comfy life with a full-time job, moved countries, and started all over in a foreign country pretty much by myself (I didn’t actually get to connect with my former Airbnb host at the time as she was traveling elsewhere).

When I was 28 (2+8=1), where the number 10’s energy represents new beginnings, I became a freelancer, which was scary, I traveled around different parts of South America (on a budget, of course), I met my life partner and wonderful friends who I still keep in touch with and give my unconditional love to, and I surrounded myself in a compassionate environment, and that time and space gave me a real chance to start my transition from the world of Hollywood to my energy healing practice.


Two other points that make age 27 so significant in numerology are:

After we was turning 27, we have a year to prepare ourselves to enter what is known as the “Conscious Cycle” at age 28. During the Conscious Cycle, we tend to shift our consciousness and live life with more spiritual awareness than before (even though you might not realize it because it’s such an organic process).

Perhaps we will learn the value of being green and will want to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Perhaps we should turn our heads toward the world of alternative therapies, meditation, energy healing (Reiki), and spirituality.

Or perhaps we realized we’ve been living in a bubble for too long and that it’s time for significant change.

Age number 27 meaning we have entered a “Women’s Cycle” that is more obvious to women but also appeals to the yin energies in men.

As I mentioned in my other blog post “Why Turning 36 Is A Big Deal For Everyone, Especially Women”, during these 9-year cycles (ages 9,18,27,36,45,54, and so on), there is usually a subtle yet significant change in our womanhood and our heart’s desires.

It’s a time where we redefine ourselves as women and express who we are during that time. For men or anyone who doesn’t identify by gender, the women’s cycle is a great time for you to reconnect with the softer, gentler side of you (aka yin energy), meanwhile remain confident and empower yourself in a nurturing way.


I’ve seen loads of people struggle during the 9-year cycle, but particularly at age 27. Perhaps it’s because we are still on the cusp of adulthood and have yet to really know who we are as a person. In some very extreme and unfortunate cases, it’s created issues around mental health, leading to suicides, and some have had their lives unexpectedly taken away by the Universe.

To date, one of the kindest people who I had the pleasure of working with, Anton Yelchin, of the new Star Trek franchise, passed away at age 27 due to a faulty issue with his parked car, which suddenly rolled backward in his own driveway, crushing him to his death. That’s when I learned about the 27 club where great musicians, actors, and performers such as Jimi Hendrix and Amy Winehouse passed away at age 27 as well, sadly aligning with the number 9 energy.

I share this with no intention of creating fear, but more so to highlight the importance of being kind and gentle to yourself and others around this time of age, and let it be an invitation to reflect on life.

I especially hope it reaches anyone who is having a tough time and is wondering why and when things will get better. I hope this serves as a reminder that as long as you choose to live, there can be light at the end of the tunnel, even if all you see is darkness for now.

Please be open to shifting your perspective, I know it’s easier said than done, but let’s start with having the desire to.


The number 9 energy and age 27 in general can create a hurdle, but there’s no big secret meaning behind it, so it doesn’t have to take over your life. There can be wildly beautiful changes ahead if you continue the ride. And it never has to be as extreme as life and death, so just remain positive and keep a positive attitude and you will be golden.

It might be something like my experience, where I took a leap of faith and found my life path by moving and starting a new life somewhere unfamiliar while changing my job nature. It might mark the end of your single life as you enter into a real, long-lasting, healthy relationship or marriage. It might be a good time to enter motherhood.

Regardless, the number 9 and the significance of age 27 in numerology, is a period of time where you can review what’s working for you, what’s not working for you, throw out what doesn’t, and make room for new energy to come in.

With light and love,


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