About the Number 11 and Tips for This November

Happy month of the number “11”!

When you look at the number 11, all you might see is two lines. But to me, it’s a number that represents direct and infinite connection to the Earth and Sky. There is no real beginning and end.

In numerology, the number 11 represents spiritual connection. When the human mind moves into the higher consciousness. It’s a place where your ego is quiet and all the noise around becomes irrelevant so you can FINALLY LISTEN. It’s a space where it’s just you and the Universe connecting. It’s pure, gentle and divine. In this space you may allow yourself to be honest and vulnerable, heal, let go of any baggage and grow abundantly.

And that’s exactly what the number represents and 11 ultimately leads us towards, abundance. Abundance comes in all forms, through love, joy, inner peace, happiness, money, physical goods, service offerings. It’s the state of having enough and feeling whole so that you don’t need to chase for more.

3 Tips for this month (November 2019):
#1 GO INTO NATURE – if you’re not on board with world of metaphysics and feel that spirituality is nothing but woo-woo, go connect with Mother Nature. You can’t argue with the power and vastness of Nature.

#2 SPEND MORE TIME IN MEDITATION – the goal of meditation to get your brainwaves into a delta state by creating stillness in your mind. It may takes you many tries to enter delta for a few seconds or if you’re lucky, a few minutes but the more you practice, the more likely you’re able to remain in delta. When in delta, you’re in touch with your higher consciousness and information may flow through.

#3 If you can’t meditate, TRY ENERGY HEALING and other healing practices – It takes a LOT of effort to be able to meditate as it requires a lot of focus. For those who aren’t bothered with meditation, try energy healing. You don’t need to focus on anything at all. You are more likely to effortlessly enter a delta state while being taken care of by a qualified energy healing practitioner. About 90% of my clients have go into a delta state during our sessions. Aside from being able to spend time in your higher consciousness, you’ll also get the wonderful benefits of clearing out your energy field. Basically in a session, you’ll have problems identified with solutions executed, hitting two birds with one stone) unlike other forms of therapy where a ton of mental energy is still required to explore and identify root causes of something you’re trying to heal.

And funny note, as I am writing this, it just so happens to be 11:11. Coincidence? I think not. 🙂

Ready to kickstart this month with meditation and energy healing? Get a session on the books this month!