A Mini Numerology Forecast for 2024

Happy New Year Everyone!

Wishing you and your loved ones a bright, healthy, and abundant year ahead!

Starting With A Mini Numerology Forecast for 2024…

Last year, 2023 was a year where we were tested with introspection, boundaries, and communication issues, to see how beautifully (or not so much) we can handle issues around these foci.

– Were you able to implement and practice better boundaries to set expectations well?

– Were you self-aware enough to know you needed more boundaries?

– And even if you consider yourself a good communicator, would the person receiving it really agree?

– Could you get through to another person well enough for them to truly understand what you mean in order to resolve any issues in your relationship?

2023 was a make-or-break around that and it made and broke a lot of relationships between family, friends, colleagues, and life partners. I don’t know how many of you resonate with that but my God, it was indeed one of the most personally and professionally challenging year of my life.

This year, 2024, the Universe is shifting its focus on energy management, acceleration, and abundance. This year, the Universe is giving us a whole extra surge of energy. What do we want to do with it? Will you take the opportunity to do more with it, or will you sit back?

Tip: Consider how are you using your energy daily and see if there are any changes you’d like to make. Are you investing in your energy in things that are worthy of your time and heart? Do you have enough energy to show up for yourself well? Or are you giving away too much of it to others? Do you have too much energy that makes it hard for you to sleep at night? Who and what are you pouring your energy into? Do these things actually matter or are they mere obligations (or seen as obligations in your head)? Choose a few things you really want to focus on this year and make them solid intentions. The Universe will help with them and help you accelerate towards those areas. It’s a perk that the 8-year energy in 2024 is bringing to us (2+0+2+4 = 8).

On the other hand, if you choose to be an overly indulgent couch potato who spends hours Netflix-ing a day, this could be the year where you form lots of unhealthy habits and addictions that will be very difficult to break out of.

Aside from a surge of energy, the Universe wants us to redefine what abundance means to us individually before potentially giving us a lot more of it. What does abundance mean to you?

Consider what more you would like to have and why that’s important to you. What would that bring you?

Generally, when the word abundance comes up, it’s often linked to money.

Sure, money is a tool that can get us things we want, but what are those things specifically? We might be thinking of material goods or experiences, but what do these things represent? What are the deeper meanings behind having them? Sometimes what we don’t often realize is that these “things” boil down to emotional desires.

For example, power, fame, status, having connections > to feel respected, feared, seen, seen as greater than, heard, loved, and/or secure.

So what if we did things differently? What if we focused on WHY we wish to feel seen, heard, safe, loved, and respected? Is there a void, an emotional pain, trauma, a yearning that could be healed? Or alternatively were you taught that these are important things in life you need from early on? Could a reassessment of the importance of these things be helpful?

At the end of the day we do live in a practical society and money is of course important, but if address the emotional desire directly, could we cut to the chase, skip the drama in between and feel more fulfilled in life?

For example: Money can offer me an opportunity to quit my job because I work with a horrible boss in a very toxic environment and allow me to travel and feel free.

Instead of chasing money so you can travel in order to feel free, what if we can focus on ways you can feel more freedom on a daily basis so it doesn’t always have to feel like one or the other? That feeling of freedom and the accessibility to it is abundant right there.

Could shifting your focus to that desired emotional outcome be more valuable to you so that you can feel that desired feeling more often, perhaps more consistently? Could healing those parts of you this year help you so that you don’t need to entertain unnecessary power struggles anymore? So that you don’t need to chase things you don’t actually need, but get what you want?

How great would that be? That’s true abundance. And that’s what the 8-year energy can bring us and I wish for that abundance to reach everyone.

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