7 Things Numerology Wants Us To Do This Month, July 2020

Traditionally, July is a wonderful time to go on a spiritual retreat and give yourself the time and space to reflect inward, however with travel limitations still imposed around the world, the Universe is basically telling everyone to stay put and find your inner space as you are. We don’t need to travel to look within. We just need to learn when and how to stop and find stillness with our existing surroundings. To be honest, that’s when you’re more likely to integrate mindfulness practices and a conscious lifestyle in your day-to-day rather than going on an inspiring retreat elsewhere and vowing to integrate the wonderful practices you’ve learned, which sadly, more than often, go out the window shortly after you’ve returned home. If you read last month’s article (“4 Things Numerology Wants To Tell Us This June 2020”) and followed our tips then you’ve probably created a sanctuary in your own home already, or somewhere else or your choosing.

So here are 7 things that the Universe is asking us to pay attention to this month through numerology:

#1 Question, question, and question some more.

7’s (July babies or anyone generally born on the 7th, 16th, 25th day of the month) tend to be major overthinkers and they’re not wrong to. Doing your due diligence, analyzing, or taking the time to understand a process from start to finish allows us to create better processes with a whole picture in mind and align with intention and integrity. Yes, it might mean you take a little longer before making a decision, or taking any sort of action, but at least it will have been well-thought-out and you’ll likely have fewer regrets. Question the process and question the places you invest your dollars, time, and energy. Look at the causes you support or are thinking about supporting. Look beyond the advertising campaigns and pretty packaging and see if their process aligns with their core mission, and yours! For example, a few years ago, it was reported that yoga pants can microplastics every time you throw it in the wash, polluting the ocean and marine life. If that matters to you, have your favorite brands responded to that by now and made any changes? If they haven’t and you’re wondering “Why”, don’t hold back, ask them.

#2 Communicate Consciously 

Thinking before you speak (aka speaking mindfully) is a big priority this month. It’s homework for life that hopefully with practice, we become better. Words hurt and can really leave a sting in someone’s heart. Before you say something, ask yourself. should I? Or shouldn’t I? Does it add value? What would it be like if I was on the receiving end of those words? From there, make a conscious decision to speak with full intent, which leads me to the next point. And by the way, this applies to how we talk to ourselves too so if you catch yourself thinking harshly about yourself, it might be time to remedy that too.

#3 Form Your Thoughts Well

Is there a better way to convey your message so that it’s clear and doesn’t get misunderstood? In this world where we rely heavily on emails and texts, are you communicating well enough? If you’re not sure and you’re open to feedback, ask a few close friends or colleagues for their thoughts on how you communicate and remind them to share constructively.

#4 Heal Your Inner Child

If you’ve carried negative emotions from childhood into adulthood, it’s most likely affecting the decisions you make on a daily basis. When is it enough? Take a little time this month and nature that child within you. It might start with having a chat or writing a letter to your younger self from your heart. The next steps of healing might come through organically, and if you ever need a little external professional support, consider counseling to explore it on a deeper level, or Reiki sessions or energy healing to heal on all levels- mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

#5 Play With Your Inner Child

If you’ve already been doing the inner child healing work, then it’s probably time to take it out to play. What were the things that made you feel most happy when you were a kid (if any)? Try doing a few of those activities now. And if, you didn’t get a chance to experience many pleasures as a kid, make a list of what you wished you could’ve done and go for it! It’s never too late and you’re never too old to be a kid once in a while!

#6 Practice Silence

There’s nothing I love more than a day, half-day, or even an hour of absolute silence. Going off the grid, turning your phone off on airplane mode and dedicating a certain amount of time of your choosing to or speak, or even communicate by text or email. It’s super liberating and a golden opportunity to create time for quietness and choosing to slow down (yes, with intent!) in this busy world. Block out some time and let everyone who might be concerned that you’re taking some time offline to focus on you so they don’t worry, and that way, you can enjoy that time freely with full presence!

#7 Heal Your Aura and let it SHINE brightly.

The aura is a protective energy layer that surrounds you. We are born with it and it is one specific color. For Kdrama fans, there’s been surprisingly plenty of references to the aura in shows. My favorite one is in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. They might seem exaggerated but it’s all true. When our aura is healthy, our energy fields are protected better and we just GLOW (without makeup). It seems like our soul is shining and when we walk into a room with a healthy aura, heads will turn our way. It’s impossible not to take notice because it’s radiant and magnetic. Koreans seem to get it and though it may seem silly, I do personally wish that education around aura health could go mainstream one day, through the help of Korean dramas!

Clients often come to me for a particular energy healing modality called Aura Healing (currently blended under my Intuitive Energy Healing services). In the session, we take a look at your aura health via an energy scan then channel clean, safe auric energy that is specific to your aura to charge it back up, that way you can run on full battery again! Perhaps you can see the aura like a wall in your home. Walls get cracked, moldy, and dusty over time, but when we clean it and or renovate it properly, which might take a few days to layer on the work, it’s as good as new, and perhaps stronger than ever!

And there you go! That’s seven things you could try out this month that would be in the flow of the Universe’s energy and could help you grow holistically and connect with your own Higher Consciousness.

And a few side notes for those located in Hong Kong who want to dive deeper within:

If you’re interested, I will be holding a Certified Numerology Training for Beginners this month at my studio in Soho, Central, Hong Kong on Saturday, July 25, 2020, from 1:00pm-7:00pm. 

I’m also co-hosting a New Moon Reiki and Crystal Sound Bath Meditation Experience at my studio I’m Saturday, July 18 from 3:00pm-4:15pm with Sound Therapist Nikki Wong. If you are keen to go on this mini-retreat with us, sign up here. Spaces are limited to 10 people only.