6 Simple Ways to Help You Set More Guided Intentions for 2020

(Read time: 4 Minutes)

Setting intentions is powerful – it’s like a special way of telling the Universe the deepest, grandest yearnings our hearts want to achieve. Intentions make up a creative force that helps fulfill our wishes financially, emotionally, and spiritually. The New Year is one of the best times to set our intentions – it sets the tone to how we’re going to tick off goals and items off our bucket list. However, setting New Year intentions can be overwhelming – we sometimes make goals that are hard to stick through. Find your voice and create more guided 2020 intentions with these simple tips.

1. Sum Up Your Intentions

The first step you can do when setting intentions for 2020 is to have a general vision of what you want to achieve. Sum up your intentions in one word. Perhaps you can write “Fearless” if you want to be braver in achieving your goals, or “Compassion” if you want to extend kindness to more people.

When you have a general idea of what you want to be this 2020, you can set more guided intentions that are in line with your grand vision for yourself.

2. Be Specific 

Intentions are like roadmaps leading you to what you truly want to be. Like in every goal, intentions should be specific. Instead of writing “Successful Business” write a more specific desire like “Branch out by July 2020.” The Universe loves specific requests. When writing down intentions, add more details about the events, things, places, and people that you want to manifest.

3. Connect with What Matters

When we look at other people and their goals, it’s easy to fall into the trap of going for flashy goals. Before you get caught up with making big intentions, take a pause and ask yourself “Are my intentions going to make me happy?”

Listen to your inner voice and let what matters to you guide you in curating your 2020 intentions. Doing so can save you from presenting intentions that you don’t totally love, and you’re not willing to follow through.

4. Start with a Clean Slate

The New Year’s charm is in the change. The start of the year is a beautiful reminder that you have another chance to start again, or to be better. When setting intentions, draw inspiration from positive energy.

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5. Reflect On Your Goals With Gratitude

Setting intentions for 2020 becomes more meaningful when built on gratitude. View your intentions as if you’re already bound to receive them, and you just can’t help but be deeply grateful.

Starting the year with gratitude for your intentions also increases your ability to face setbacks along the way with faith, optimism, and complete trust that your dreams will come.

6. Trust the Universe

The most essential part of setting intentions is letting go and trusting that the Universe will grant you the things you want to manifest. When it comes to turning intentions into reality, you will only do half the work. The Universe will also play a part. To have peace and confidence, you must learn to trust the Universe.

Think of intentions as seeds – you don’t force them to grow. Like seeds, intentions will grow beautifully when we take care of them, and we let them take their time in the growth process. Manifestation also takes time, but when we know how to trust the Universe, the waiting won’t feel too much of a burden.

When intentions are guided, success can follow. With these 6 simple tips for creating 2020 intentions, you’re on your way to becoming your best self.

UPDATE: We’ve recently added more about setting intentions for 2020 with some insights to the Numerology for 2020. Here’s “Realigning Your Energy and Setting Intentions for 2020” which we had shared with Green Queen readers.