6 Things Numerology Wants Us To Do This Month (August 2020)

This August, the Universe wants us to be energy conscious. Is that a thing? It is now. Look at your energy levels as of late. Have you been feeling good, and refreshed with a zest in life to do more? Or have you been exhausted, anxious, burnt out with nothing more to give? You know, that feeling that if one more person asks you to do something you might burst?

This month, the Universe is asking us to be mindful of how we spend our energy and take some time this month to reallocate your energy reserve so that you can be smarter about how you invest your time, money, and your efforts. Have you been wasting any time on people or projects who don’t deserve your attention?

August is a fiery month so you might feel extra bursts of energy, intense emotions, and feel like your patience is being tested. How we respond to these moments is key and a way for us to assess our current level of mindfulness.

So here are six things that the Universe is asking us to pay attention to this month through numerology:

#1 Do An Energy Audit

EVERYTHING we do requires energy – eating, sleeping, walking, typing, working, etc. So the easiest way to do what I call an “energy audit” is to answer the following question, “How are you spending your time?” With 24 hours a day how much time is dedicated to sleep, eating, working out, work, catching up with friends, watching TV, reading a book, learning, or mindlessly scrolling on social media chasing likes? Quite a lot of people would argue that 24 hours a day just isn’t enough. Take a working mom for example, not only is she managing all of the activities we just mentioned, but she’s also taking care of her kids, sending them to school, keeping her kids busy with extracurriculars, cooking meals, helping out with homework and doing a gazillion other things to keep her bosses and clients happy. Any time alone for self-care would be a huge luxury that sadly, not many working moms get to enjoy. They’re exhausted and often the most common types of people to experience burnout. Something to explore is, could there be a more efficient process? Is it a sustainable option to get help? Would it produce a better quality of life, therefore a more energetic and present working mom and home and at the office? Is that a worthy enough investment than with the right help? If not physical labor then are there any smart devices worth investing that could help ease the daily m workload and stress levels?

On the other side, say you’re meant to use 90% your energy per day, but you don’t, you might find yourself much more energetic than others and need to turn to other activities to deliberately burn your energy or else you might have trouble sleeping, or in extreme cases, addictive behavior to something. How could you better invest your energy then? An energy audit could help you look at the big picture, so you can see how you could better invest your time, money, and energy more wisely, ultimately for your better well-being!

#2 Learn How To Breath (Correctly)

I know, this sounds ridiculous, right? Even babies naturally know how to breathe, no? Well here’s the thing, there’s a difference between breathing to survive, and breathing to create inner peace (aka breathwork). Learning how to breathe to become more still, grounded, balanced, and mindful and wholesome as a person is a whole other ballgame. Breathing to learn how to slow down, live the “slow life” (a new trend), and mindfully creating more space in your heart and mind prevents us from living a high-stress life, from anxiety attacks and to your personal experiences and the world with a big-picture type of thinking. Remember how you were asked to write a list of pros and cons or arguments for an essay? Consider what it would be like if you could apply that same practice in life before taking action or making decisions?

#3 Do Some Cardio

No into the whole idea of sitting around and learning how to breathe? Well then, instead of breathwork you could schedule in some cardio workouts. Cardiovascular activity such as running, jogging, cycling, jumping, dancing, boxing, and the like forces us to breathe harder during the exercise as we’re being challenged to keep up our heart rate at a certain pace. Make sure you’re being sensible too because if you’re living in countries where you’re restricted to exercising outdoors unless you wear a mask like in Hong Kong where it’s hot, humid and either extremely sunny or rainy, please take the weather into consideration so you don’t suffer from breathing issues or heatstroke.

#4 Play With Pets or Kids

This one is pretty straightforward, spend time playing with pets and children. Why you might ask? Because kids and pets generally have a ton of energy as they’re so full of life so if you’re looking for healthy ways to burn some energy, and get some smiles along with it, spend some quality time with your kids, nieces, nephews or friends’s children or pets! You can easily play chase for hours!

#5 Play With Your Inner Child (as mentioned in last month’s numerology tips)

Have you been making progress with healing your inner child? If so, keep on scheduling those playdates with yourself. It’s important to keep this process going so it becomes second nature to your schedule. If you want to learn more about healing your inner child, check out our recent article here.

#6 Try Energy Healing

As mentioned earlier, August is all about our ENERGY FLOW but what if we’re stuck and can’t see a way out? What if we’ve been doing all that we can do to promote better well-being but can’t seem to get anywhere? What if we’re burnt out and feeling totally defeated? In comes energy healing.

By allowing safe, pure channeled energy healing practices, you’re allowing the Universe to lend you a hand in bringing balance into your body, into yourself and your energy field. It’s like someone offering you a full battery pack to help you recharge, or a can of Red Bull (without the nasties of course!) Another way to look at it is via solar power energy. Each day the sun charges solar power panels to create an energy reserve. The resources are totally natural. That’s what energy healing is like. Being charged by a natural resource (only in this case it’s literally energy from the Universe) and you take what you need until your batteries are recharged and you’re all set to go again!

For many people, the concept of energy healing is a bit out there, and truthfully there have been a LOT of bad press in the name of energy healing practices along with New Age commercialism that has given energy healing a tainted image, but with the right practice and practitioner, you would have nothing to worry about. There’s a reason why popular energy healing practices such as Reiki have been offered as a service in many hospitals in the US including Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, and the NHS in the UK! Over time, the medical industry is starting to see how it could be quite supportive of those undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and recovering from surgeries and other injuries which is why so many integrative medical centers have popped up in the last few years.

If you need help with finding a practitioner near you for in-person sessions, check out my previous post “Finding The Right Reiki Practitioner For You”. There’s also the option for distance Reiki healing if you’re not up to physically meet with a local practitioner. And if you’re in Hong Kong and keen to give it a go, I am currently still offering 1-1 Reiki, energy healing and numerology sessions by appointment only.

And this sums up our list of six things you do to connect with the Universe’s energy this month, which supports your personal development and well-being! Enjoy the month of this very powerful “8” as Numerology has decoded for us!