5 Ways to Increase Social Consciousness for People (Including Reiki)

Thanks to the internet we can connect with anyone around the world and be updated on whatever is happening from the other side of the world. But that also means being bombarded with loads of information. It can be overwhelming but that shouldn’t stop us from caring about the world we live in. We want to be aware of the problems and injustices and also do something about them. That is what social consciousness is all about.

As humans, we are inherently social beings. We all need that “sense of us.” We also need to be well aware of what is going on around us so we can understand our individual roles, rights, and responsibilities. And through that, we can make a positive impact on society. It is through the social consciousness of individuals in a society that the greatest achievements of mankind were realized.

Though we are social beings, social consciousness does not always come naturally. But like any other trait or skill, it can be learned and improved, here’s how:

5 Ways to Increase Social Consciousness for People

Start by paying more attention to the community where you live.

There are so many social issues, and a good place to begin is through observing your own community’s social issues. The problems of your community are in a way yours too, and it gives you an opportunity to actually take part in solving issues or improving the situation.

Keep tabs on the news and events happening in your community. Go beyond commenting on what is happening and what other people are doing. Participate when you can, especially in events that aim to make life better for people such as volunteering at your local soup kitchen or helping clean up your community park.

Start by paying more attention to the community where you live.

Look for examples of good practice.

We often hear about negative news. Social injustice. Global warming. Wars. COVID19. It seems that the world is full of problems, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Sometimes, you just want to totally disconnect and not know what’s going on because it can only cause stress on things beyond your influence and control.

But with all the bad that is happening in the world right now, there is also much good news when you make an effort to find them. Look for articles about what people are doing to overcome problems such as pollution and waste management. And you can suggest how you can apply those solutions in your community. You just have to get the right people to listen to your ideas.

No one can solve all the problems in the world. But anyone, even you (who don’t have any huge following), can make a difference. Start small. Start with your community.

good practice

Be a conscious consumer

One of the things you can do personally to become socially conscious and active is to become a conscious consumer. Choose environmentally friendly products. Limit the number of things you purchase. When buying, always ask yourself if you really need it. It’s not just about the money wasted but also about another item that will be thrown in some landfill.

Support local businesses. For instance, purchase from your local farmer’s market instead of buying from supermarket chains. Dine-in or take out from homegrown restaurants instead of fast-food chains. Switching to small and independent businesses for your needs can help those businesses grow and in a way make a difference to the families of the owners and their employees.

See new places

Traveling opens up your eyes to different cultures. You become more aware of cultures different from your own and that can help you cultivate more empathy. A greater understanding of other people can make it easier for you to respond to their needs.

There is also what you call social impact travel. Its goal is to support local economies and create a positive impact in the host community. In essence, social impact travel is being aware of the impact made by your travel and consciously finding ways to benefit the host community while protecting its culture and environment.

You don’t have to spend a lot or travel thousands of miles to see new places. And with COVID travel restrictions in place, it would be harder to travel right now. Even going on the other side of the city gives you a change of scenery and new experiences that will help learn more about other people. You could always try volunteering on a Kindness Walk with Impact HK to see other parts of the city that you probably don’t often visit and engage with more locals in the community and hear their stories.

See new places

Try a Reiki session to expand your levels of consciousness

For some, it takes a little effort to increase their social consciousness. One of the challenges that some people face is that despite wanting to connect more to others, they find it hard to do so. This is where Reiki comes in. Reiki can help expand consciousness with ourselves while we connect deeper within ourselves by being open to further personal development with each treatment. When we are feeling healthier individually, we can show up to the world differently, with more presence, and can get involved in more meaningful ways.

Moreover, Reiki is a very popular and safe method of energy healing recognized as a type of complementary alternative medicine by top integrative hospitals in the world including Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, and even the NHS in the UK. Reiki sessions are available in-person or remotely through distant Reiki sessions too.

Alternatively, if you could learn Reiki through a training that is open to anyone which helps focus on enhancing awareness of the human energy field and the development and use of your intuition to determine how to treat each person through this energy healing practice. Reiki, in many ways, can help us to feel more compassion and relate with other people. It is much easier for us to get involved when we know how to treat each person.

There are more ways to increase social consciousness, but these five ways here give you a strong foundation on beginning your journey to becoming a more socially aware individual. Keep yourself informed and ready to give help whenever you can.

By increasing your social consciousness, you are not only changing the world for the better, but you are also satisfying your need for belongingness and a sense of purpose. It is good to know that you don’t need to make any scientific breakthrough to create a better world for us now and for the generations to come.

You just need to do what you can with the resources and sphere of influence you have. You just need to be ready to give your time and energy to others. And in order to be ready, you need first to be connected with who you are. As they say, you cannot give something you do not have yourself. To truly connect with others, you have to first be in tune with yourself and that is possible through Reiki sessions.