5 Substantial Ways Reiki Can Make Your Life Better

By: Corie Chu

Read Time: 6 minutes

Going in for a Reiki or energy healing treatment is like having a deep cleaning. Don’t you love walking into a clean space with no dirt on the floor or clutter all around?

Your house is your external home, but the combination of your mind and heart (you know, the places that generate and store your thoughts and feelings) is your internal home. They’re just housed in your physical body.

If you’ve been getting your home professionally cleaned weekly, monthly, quarterly, or dare I say, yearly, why wouldn’t you want to get your internal space cleaned up too? After all, your energy is your source for everything.

Scientific experts say we generate between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day. Care to take a guess at how many feelings we ride through in a day?

Can you imagine how much is piled up in our hearts and minds? How much emotional and mental residue is sitting (or even molding up, so to speak) in our internal space?

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The cleaner our internal space, the easier it is to connect to your mind, body, and soul, making it easier to live day-to-day with clarity and in alignment with your heart, which can lead to more motivation, purpose, and even productivity! It applies to all aspects of life.

Even Google would agree! As a side note, I recently participated in a 2-day mindfulness seminar by Google called “Search Inside Yourself” to see what Corporate America is sharing on wellness with the masses.

I was happy to see how encouraging the program was toward leaders to share effective awareness and reflection techniques so that employees ultimately find more happiness at work and home.

Though there is a long list of benefits of receiving Reiki (or some energy healing practices too), here’s a more diluted list of 5 Substantial Ways Reiki Treatment Can Make Your Life Better:


Whenever I ask people, “Why are you interested in Reiki treatment?” Almost 90% of my clients and students have told me that they are stressed beyond belief and have no idea how to manage it anymore. Stress has then manifested in so many ways, getting in the way of their clarity of mind, heaviness in the chest, weight on their shoulders, creating anxiousness in the stomach so it feels knotted up or chilly, tension in the lower back, etc.

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The lack of full clarity can cause the body to become more prone to injuries too.

Typically, stress is involved in the majority of our day-to-day problems, and most busy and ambitious people are running from one stressful situation to the next, allowing the energy to transfer over without much thought, piling up a lot of energy trash that doesn’t have a more sustainable solution. Reiki energy healing is an effective, long-term solution to releasing recycled stress.


The number of people reporting that they experience anxiety or have chronic anxiety seems to only be going up. Luckily, mental awareness has been rising, along with ways to manage anxiety.

Wouldn’t it be nice to experience more freedom?

Reiki can help with easing anxiety.

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You know when you’re so overwhelmed you can’t think clearly? Have you ever made really poor decisions that you’ve regretted for a long time because you weren’t on your A-game?

We’ve all been there, but the difference is, how long are you going to push through until you finally surrender to rest?

Reiki practice can effectively help you remove the gunk in your brain so that you can think with much more clarity.IMPROVE MENTAL CLARITY


Heartbreak? Experiencing grief? Been a victim of a narcissist?

Unfortunately, many of us, especially Asians, were told we weren’t good enough by our family and or society.

Yes, perhaps they’ve said things in crappy ways but with good intentions, so that we could stay humble, be constantly motivated, and strive for perfection, but man, it’s twisted!

When the people we are closest to, the ones we love and trust the most, shame us into unworthiness, it’s hard to trust people again, allow others to help, or accept that we are worthy of being loved, you know, without manipulating anyone into a commitment, whether it’s with a desirable job or life partner.

Reiki and emotional energy healing have been vital ways for me to support my clients and students.


Reiki energy healing therapy effectively supports speedy recovery from temporary or prolonged weakness in the body. Perhaps it’s a minor cold or flu.

A frozen shoulder, injuries to the hips, knees, calves, and ankles? Cancer?

I’ve worked with plenty of clients, and it’s been rewarding to see clients nursed back to good health with Reiki therapy complementing their medical or physiological treatments. I’ve come across so many cases in the Reiki and Reiki master community where Reiki healing has been tremendously supportive to many people in recovery mode.

Regardless, between my own clients and those of other practitioners, I’m sure we can all agree that the effects of Reiki therapy never cease to surprise us.

We are lucky to be in a place and time where we are able to exercise more awareness. We can break away from limitations and create more freedom in our lives compared to our parents or ancestors who’ve paved the road for us.

Let’s not waste the opportunity by chasing status, material things, or climbing up the wrong ladder. Life’s too short to live by ego.

Let’s live from the heart and mind with clarity. But first, try clearing out the internal junk with some energy work so you can move toward a clean slate.

Here are some tips to finding the right Reiki practitioner for you. Or if you’re interested in working with me, or a credible Reiki master for a Reiki or Intuitive Energy Healing session, you can always book an appointment directly on my site or contact me with any questions too.