4 Things Numerology Wants Us To Do This Month (September 2020)

What are you ready to let go of? That’s what the Universe is asking us this month. If you could clear the deck and start with a fresh, blank slate in any aspect of your life, what would it be? What’s the first thing that pops into your mind as you’re reading this? How does it look? What do you need in order to achieve this? If you could ask the Universe to support you with one thing, what would it be? How would you, on your end, make effort on your own in taking steps to co-create this desired outcome of yours?

Need some ideas to kickstart the process?

Here are four things you can do this month according to Numerology to help you make the most of the month:

#1 Stop Procrastinating

The energy behind the number “9” is linked to procrastination, so you might find yourself wanting to put things off until the very last minute, even if that’s not usually your style. First off, for those who love to procrastinate, you’re gonna have to work even harder on focusing on each task this month more than normal. It’s seriously time to get to work. We all know that we eventually get things done, and get things faster once we decide to so you might want to plan ahead on how not to procrastinate this month. Perhaps you could move your own internal deadline for each task up before you have to turn something into your boss or client. Or instead, maybe it’s time for you to take full ownership of your work style and dedicate the day before the deadline to the certain task and release yourself letting that thing you have to do from weighing over your head before the actual deadline (so long as it doesn’t stress you out).

#2 Heal From Lost Opportunities

Perhaps you were supposed to be promoted this year, you were supposed to move to another country, get married or what not. 2020 may seem like it’s been filled with empty promises for the majority of people, but what if they were blessings in disguise? And let’s back it up even more, consider opportunities you have been holding on to from years ago. Perhaps you wished you put in your resignation before you got fired? Or that you broke up with your ex before he had the first word? They’re both kinds of situations that naturally take a blow at our ego. Sometimes healing from lost opportunities also means healing our ego.

Have you heard of the quote “All roads lead to the same destination”? It’s true. It may take seemingly longer to get “there” but trust that the Universe is working on your side so maybe if we let go of what didn’t happen, should’ve happened at the time or hasn’t happened yet, we can finally create space within us to let new opportunities through.

#3 Coach Yourself

Going back to what I was asking you earlier, if you could start with a blank slate in one particular area of your life, what would it be? Can you create goals and action plans to get there? Can you hold yourself accountable? If not, perhaps you could also work with a professional life coach or executive coach to help you. If you’re unsure about what you’d like to work on, but keen for personal development, perhaps an in-person or online numerology reading could shed some light on some challenges you may be aware of and what amazing things could be ahead of you if you “get out of your own way” so to speak and invite new, wonderful opportunities in!

On another note, everyone has experienced massive changes this year, so looking at how your current lifestyle, are there any positive takeaways so far? Do you enjoy working from home? Do you enjoy cooking at home more? Or working out from home? Do you enjoy the extra personal time you’re getting from not having to commute? Do you feel that you’re having a better work-life balance? Or do you feel like you’ve become more of a workaholic because you don’t know how to turn off from work while at home? In the event that COVID-related restrictions continue to take place for even longer than expected, how do you wish to adapt so that you can create a more positive, holistic experience in life?

#4 Lend An Ear

If you know someone is going through a tough time, lending an ear to someone is one of the most valuable acts of kindness you could really offer. Perhaps what they needed the most was to feel supported by being heard.

If someone who has recently lost a loved one, sometimes simply sitting in silence with him or her can be more than enough.

Equally, if you’re the one who feels the need to be supported, don’t be shy in asking a good friend to hear you out in safe space without any non-judgement as you want to work through some issues that have been circulating in your mind. If you’re looking for some advice afterwards, ask for some kind pointers.

So these are four things you could do this September to better align yourself with the energy this month (according to numerology) and spend your time more productively. I personally consider September a month of cleaning up and tying loose ends so that we can get ready for a wave of new energy to come on October 1st (first day of autumn!)