4 Things Numerology Wants To Tell Us About This Month, June 2020

(Read time: 4 minutes)

In this month of June, numerology is guiding us to pay attention to our hearts – to align with our heart and lead with courage.

Emotions have been running high this year from the recent events- with the majority of the world on lockdown, then resistance around the globe and Hong Kong about China’s new security plans for the city, and currently the world is feeling the massive movement of an entire country’s reaction towards the death of George Floyd. Compassion, the lack of justice, anger, frustration, and fear are just a few of the key emotions many of us are feeling.

While there is a lot going on outside of us, we’re also responsible for taking care of what is within us. Through deciphering the numbers and energy behind this month from Numerology, the Universe is asking us to look within ourselves harder, and now.

  1. We need a new recognition of what matters most in our hearts and reminding ourselves of what that means everyday. Often what is meaningful to us is making sure our loved ones and ourselves are safe and well and are living purposefully. “Purposefully” is subjective so only you know what is right for you. If it feels right in your heart, then that’s your answer. If you’re dancing between decisions, ask yourself, is it fear limiting me or is there something off here which is why I can’t seem to make a final decision?

  2. We need to heal within first. Anything can happen to us at any time, but the key is how we react. If we’re able to react in healthier ways that we are more proud of, then that is what counts and is a sign of personal growth. We may feel anger from an unjust situation, but will we react with violence, be verbally or emotionally abusive or will choose to take a step back and ask ourselves “Why? Why are we reacting in this way? What does it trigger within us? What’s our personal story or relationship to this situation?” With heart-based, mindful questioning, we can recognize the wounds that sting, even if we thought we have resolved the issue before, or perhaps we never realized we were hurt from the beginning. Don’t put it off anymore, give these emotions the presence it deserves so you can heal yourself first, before helping others.

  3. We can actively lead by example. There’s no more room for pretense, putting on a show or mindlessly jumping on the bandwagon. If something is bothering you, it’s because there’s a personal tie to it (as mentioned above). Once we get real with our hearts, heal within ourselves, it’s time to live with what we have learned by walking the talk. We won’t need to pretend we’re something we’re not because we’ll organically do things differently once we’ve healed from it. And just by doing that itself, by letting our heart make the decision, we lead with courage and shine brightly. Taking steps to listen, learn, and share allows us to individually be better and with enough of us, our collective naturally becomes better.

  4. It’s important to feel safe. Regardless of where you stand in your life, or with the current issues, more people than we think are being affected as one event can trickle down to another, even subtly, that is just the way energy works. It’s important that each of us feel safe, have a wholesome place to recharge and that way, we can care for our emotional well-being. If you don’t have a sanctuary to rest in, it’s time to create one. If you have one but haven’t cleaned it up in a while, it’s time to. Your sanctuary doesn’t have to be luxurious, big or have a nice view. It could be as small as a little corner in your room. It could be in your bed with a bedside table for a glass of water, journal and plant hanging above it. The important thing is that this space is yours and dedicated to your healing, for your personal development and overall your well-being. Being in a nice, clean, decluttered home creates space mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you live with children, pets or someone with special needs, remember they are especially sensitive so it’s important for them to feel safe. And they can feel what you feel, but potentially even on a higher level than you because they don’t know how to express their feelings so again taking care of your own well-being is just as vital. If you’re calm, they’re calm, if you’re angry and frustrated, they will be too and you can easily notice it through sudden behavioural changes. As an example, my dog (a nearly three-year old corgi) is highly sensitive. She feels the emotional burden of people around her the second she steps outside of our home. Normally, my dog is usually super friendly, loves humans and is playful with most dogs that reciprocate a friendly gesture to engage. However, I can see a huge difference when we pass by people who are talking aggressively nearby. I may feel irritated by being in that environment but be able to walk it off, however my dog reacts fearfully and for longer. During the entire walk, she would blow off her steam by barking at every loud sound such as motorcycles, and at every person who talks overly loudly (which is quite common in Hong Kong) and starts barking at almost every dog that feels the slightest bit threatening to her first before she thinks that they will. It may seem normal on the outside, but as pet parents when we know what her normal behavior is like, and it’s a total 180 when she’s in fear mode. I can feel her anxiety levels soar and her heart beating stronger than ever. But if I remain calm, take her aside, give her a hug and some Reiki energy healing, she is able to calm down quickly too and change back into her normal behavior.

Over this month on every Friday, I will be sending out reminders over Instagram, Facebook and Google with ways to connect and realign with our hearts so that we can live more authentically, with more presence and DIY tips to heal within. Please feel free to connect with me there (@coriechuhealing). My hope and intention is that these reminders could be of help to you if you’re able to fit in a little time for self-healing each weekend.

If you’re interested in learning more about numerology or how numerology can share about you on a personal or professional level merely from your birth date, we can explore further in a numerology reading at my studio in Central, Hong Kong or through an online session.