Why Turning 36 Is A Big Deal For Everyone, Especially For Women

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Today I turn 36. Woohoo! 🥳

I remember when I first started studying numerology more seriously, I was really looking forward to seeing what life at age 36 would be like because that’s when a super rare opportunity presents itself.

In numerology, when someone, anyone that is, is 36 years old, two of the four numerology master cycles cross-over, which usually means that during that time, a pretty big transition in someone’s life, especially for women, occurs.

Why women?

Because one of these master cycles is called the Women’s Cycle, and it’s specifically a prime time for women to express themselves on another level, to redefine themselves in this male-dominated society.


The other master cycle that overlaps with the Women’s Cycle at 36 years old is the Life Cycle, which occurs every 18 years, and it’s the ideal time for us to reflect on life and decide how we want to live more meaningfully. For men, it’s about softening up and tapping into their inner yin energy.

To break it down, the four master cycles in numerology are:

  • The Conscious Cycle (occurs every 7 years) – it’s about living a more conscious lifestyle, in any way that is meaningful to you.
  • The Applied Cycle (occurs every 11 years) – generally about taking a significant step toward your life purpose.
  • The Life Cycle (occurs every 18 years) – the ideal time for us to reflect on life and decide how we want to live more meaningfully.
  • The Women’s Cycle (occurs every 9 years, and it has nothing to do with menses, by the way. 😂) – prime time for women to express themselves on another level, to redefine themselves in this male-dominated society. For men, it’s about softening up and tapping into their inner yin energy.

In actuality, it could happen +2/-2 years around 36 (between ages 34 to 38), depending on how healthy your flow of life is. I’ve seen big transitions happen in many of my clients’, friends’, and family’s lives, along with other clients who have seen fellow numerologist friends of mine.


For some, it might mean:

  • Finally sinking into your own identity for the first time in their lives, self-acceptance, self-care feels comfortable.
  • Entering into your first significant romantic relationship.


  • Getting married and taking on another role in your life as a wife
  • Keen to have a baby and want to try to get pregnant.
  • Getting pregnant successfully, becoming a mother, and entering parenthood


  • Become a high-level female executive in a masculine industry.
  • Become an amazing boss lady and a female entrepreneur.
  • Wanting to promote equality between men and women and advocate for best practices.
  • Wanting to shine the light on females, women in business, amazing female colleagues who have been supportive, girlfriends, moms, aunts, grandmas – all significant women in your life and wanting to form closer bonds with them.
  • If you’re unhappily married, I’ve also seen a few women leave their marriages, recreate their identity as a single woman, and discover their new adventure in life.
  • Embracing your own femininity and celebrating


These are just a few examples of what I have come across. Other than at age 36, the other rare times when two out of four master cycles cross-over are at ages 18, 54, and 72. So we all have four big opportunities in a lifetime where we are more likely to experience significant change.

Although we may have experienced it once already at age 18, we were probably too young and not mindful enough to truly recognize and be in the moment of such a transition.


Another reason why turning 36 is a really big deal is because it’s the first year your gifts (the right column of the numerology chart for those who have had a numerology reading with me) activate. This is when you truly start tapping into your natural talents and letting them help you shine brightly! There are three specific numbers in numerology that represent your natural gifts, and your job is to use them so that they help you excel in life, on a personal and professional level. Once you discover what they are, you’ll be running with them for the next 18 years of your life.

Yup, it’s a long stretch! That’s why it’s so helpful and important to discover what they are so you can hit the ground running strong starting at age 36.

So what are three key reasons why turning 36 is a really big deal?

1) Your master life cycle gets activated.

2) Your women’s cycle gets activated.

3) Your natural talents kick off at full throttle and they will help you grow significantly personally and professionally over the next 18 years.


It’s a prime time for a major life transformation.

Since this is just the first day for me at age 36, I’ll have to report back on my experience to those who are curious!

If you want to learn more about how numerology applies to you, what your talents are, and get ready for transitions during your own master cycles, you can get in touch with me about setting you up for a numerology reading, in-person or over a video call.

Update from June 30, 2021:

As promised, I said I’d come back and share my experience of living life when turning 36 for my Corie Chu’s avid readers. It was possibly the most grounding experience of my life.

I’ve never felt more settled as a person or as a woman, and I’m so happy to be able to finally start living unapologetically (yet mindfully as much as possible, of course).

I never gave myself real permission to as before, I worried so much about possibly hurting someone’s feelings, or that it’s “not nice” to say no, or feeling guilty for not doing this and that.

I’m still getting used to saying “no” and practicing boundaries, which is probably one of the biggest issues I’ve had with myself for the first 30-something years of my life.


I’m sure so many of you could relate. And perhaps because age also comes with more responsibilities, I’ve surrendered to the fact that I’m not able to run around and have coffee dates or whatnot the way I used to, so I suppose I’ve also been given more opportunities to practice boundaries.

I find that each time I’m able to make a decision to politely decline, I feel more settled with my true self, and that’s priceless.

Read my follow-up piece about how numerology helped me understand the major shift in energy at age 36 and how that awareness supported me in becoming a stronger, more confident person: “REFLECTING ON BEING AGE 36 IN NUMEROLOGY AND WHAT I LEARNED”.

Since first writing about this, I’ve had the pleasure of assisting many more women around the world discover their natural talents, learn about their life challenges, and discover their secret assets so that they are able to make more clear-minded decisions as they near a master cycle, or when master cycles cross, like at ages 18, 27, 36, 54, and onwards. The next major after turning 36 would be between 44 and 45.

To learn more about how Numerology applies to you, we can explore further through a 60-90 minute Online Numerology Session. To learn more, click here.