Why Emotional Energy Healing Is Essential For Expecting Mothers

Pregnant women experience a variety of feelings. Hormones kick in coupled with a number of worries that come when you are an expecting mother. If you are feeling anxious and scared, know that you are not alone. It is more common than you know, especially for first-time mom-to-be’s and those with unplanned pregnancies.

The thought of having to take care of a newborn can be overwhelming. After all, this tiny, delicate human being is depending on you for all their needs. You probably have spent hours reading books and websites about pregnancy and how to take care of a newborn, but you still feel inadequate. You still fear that you might end up not doing things the right way.

If getting pregnant isn’t a part of your plan, you might be worried about how much having a child will affect your lifestyle or your career, or stress about not being able to afford to raise a child. For some expecting mothers, it could be more than just being worried about lifestyle changes or being overwhelmed with the new role of motherhood, some might actually be suffering from depression or have previous traumatic pregnancy experiences like a miscarriage or stillbirth.

Whatever your concerns are, know that they are valid, and what’s important is that you recognize them, do something about what you are feeling, and reach out for support if needed. Taking care of yourself is more important than ever for your health and your baby’s. If you are feeling sad, anxious, or nervous, talk to someone and know when to seek help.

Why It’s Important to Keep Emotions in Check During Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, her baby is exposed to everything she experiences including the sounds in the environment, the food she is eating, the air she is breathing, and the emotions she is feeling. The baby feels everything the mother is feeling so it is important to keep your emotions in check and focus on maintaining a nurturing environment for the baby.

According to a study that reviews the effects of anxiety during pregnancy on children’s health, anxiety can cause serious and thought-provoking biological, mental, medical, and behavioral issues. This is why it’s necessary to identify and screen these anxiety disorders during prenatal care.

It was found that maternal anxiety has a significant impact on birth weight and birth height. Mothers with high levels of anxiety tend to have infants that are shorter and lighter. Moreover, increased stress hormones such as cortisol and androgens which induce anxiety could cause emotional problems, developmental delays, hyperactivity, and mental disorders in children.

Basically, stress and anxiety can increase the production of certain hormones in the body that can affect the baby’s developing brain and body. Short-term stress situations do not seem to have any adverse effect on fetus development, but according to an interdisciplinary team of researchers, the concentration of stress hormones in the amniotic fluid increases in mothers who are stressed over a longer period of time during pregnancy.

Anxiety during pregnancy is reported to have behavioral effects such as prolonged crying in the neonatal period and irritability and restlessness. Findings also indicate that children with anxious mothers tend to face serious illnesses in childhood and adulthood such as asthma, hyperglycemia in male children, among others.

On the other hand, when a pregnant woman is happy and calm, her baby can develop in a happy and calm environment.

How Emotional Energy Healing Reduces Stress and Helps in Taking Care of Emotional Health of Expecting Mothers

Ideally, you want to have a stress-free pregnancy but this is usually not the case. Stress might be unavoidable but you can manage it for your health and the baby’s health not only during pregnancy but also after birth. Managing stress and taking care of your emotional health can reduce the chance of premature birth and your baby’s chance of childhood health conditions such as asthma and allergies.

Emotional highs and lows are natural and common among pregnant women. Others enjoy a generally happy pregnancy but some women find it harder to manage the emotions that come with pregnancy. But there are many ways to help you cope better and take care of your emotional health and well-being during pregnancy.

Making sure you get enough rest, exercise (as recommended by your doctor), doing activities to keep you engaged, taking off the pressure from yourself, relaxing, and asking for support are the common ways to reduce stress and take care of your emotional health and well-being. But sometimes, doing these things might not be enough to overcome your fears and anxieties. This is where Emotional Energy Healing comes in.

Emotional Energy Healing is a form of Intuitive Energy Healing that’s most popular with my clients aside from Reiki. Emotional Energy Healing is a great tool to release and heal emotions for the mother and thereby the baby. Healing and releasing negative emotions can significantly reduce stress and is great for your emotional health during pregnancy. Whatever the cause of an emotional wound is, energy healing can address it. It can be used to work on more specific issues such as healing from specific fears, worries, emotional experiences, deep wounds, traumas, memories, among others.

Emotional healing process focuses on healing old emotional wounds, emotional blocks, and releasing suppressed emotions so they don’t stay in your body. That also prevents or minimizes negative emotions from being passed on to your baby, which stabilizes a healthy environment for your baby while inside your womb. There is no need to worry about any side effects because emotional energy healing is completely safe and natural. This natural way of releasing energy is able to identify the negative emotions stuck or blocked in your body which creates a negative impact on your physical, emotional and spiritual state.

This natural form of energy healing is also ideal for expecting mothers who are suffering from depression and anxiety. Emotional Energy Healing is completely safe and complementary to other medical practices, treatments, and therapies. In fact, it is often commonly recommended together with other conventional or alternative practices to encourage a better lifestyle and holistic well-being. Ultimately, Emotional Energy Healing is a wonderful and effective way to improve your well-being during pregnancy and beyond.

Taking care of your emotional baggage and wellbeing can help make your pregnancy an even more positive experience overall for you and your baby. To try out an Intuitive Healing session with a focus on emotional healing and emotional release, click here to learn more. Intuitive Healing sessions can be done in person in Hong Kong or remotely from the comfort of your own home with a brief video chat before we jump into the healing treatment.