What Does Numerology Say About 2021 And What Does That Mean For You

What Does Numerology Say About 2021 And What Does That Mean For You?

2020 has been a challenge for everyone. No one could’ve quite predicted that a global pandemic would take place, let alone last for a year and counting. 2020 was a number 4 year in numerology, which is all about taking time to slow down, get grounded, and build a strong foundation. Have you noticed more people have turned to meditation, living a slow life and journaling last year than ever before? Look at how Netflix invested their dollars in creating a movie with Headspace (the meditation app) released recently. When has a mainstream Hollywood film company invested in wellness like so? It’s because they see the mass demand for mindfulness and personal well-being, and their dollars represent that. And what about businesses that never had an online presence, but given the circumstances, they dived into e-commerce. Without something as simple as a website, or social media page, which is the kind of strong foundation I’m talking about, it wouldn’t be possible for them to run their business online.

The whole point of a numerology 4 year (last year, in 2020) is to mindfully build your basecamp (your solid foundation on both a personal and professional level) that sets us up for the next five years (from now onwards until 2025). Like any new business, they need a strong operations structure to help them keep running even when they encounter challenges. And for us to stay level-headed when life gets stressful or throws a curveball at us, we need reliable tools to support our mindfulness and overall well-being.

This year, 2021, is a number 5 year in numerology. To come up with that, we add each digit of the year one-by-one, which is 2+0+2+1=5.

What that means is in 2021, we’re able to take test-drive our stillness, the mindfulness we have cultivated over the last year as we move into a year of change and action. Can we remain mindful, balanced and maintain a strong level of overall wellness as we start taking action? Especially after a year of quietness around the globe? How do we not run too fast or too slow? In my opinion, I feel that this numerology 5 year of action will have somewhat of a subtle start, with a bigger effect starting at the end of January, but it will take off more so in late April/May.

As an example, without getting political, and purely looking as observers from a neutral space, we can already see the numerology 5 year in motion in the US as President Joe Biden and his cabinet got sworn this first month of the year (change in presidency) and he and his team immediately started getting to work (taking action) as he has quite a number of time-sensitive challenges to work on. His direction is already creating ripple effects of change around the global as he engages with other world leaders. Actions are being taken and big changes are happening.

As we’re only at the start of the year, so keep in mind the numerology 4 energy from 2020 is still lingering in the first month or so of 2021, so while we’re still living in the effects of COVID, with lifestyle limitations imposed on a global front, take this as a bonus period to evaluate and plan some more around your intentions or goals for this year ahead. If you don’t have any new year resolutions in place, then instead, I’d like to invite you to answer this question:

If you could make one significant change for yourself this year, what would it be? 

Mine is to try to sleep earlier and put my late-night habits to rest. This one is major for me as I’ve been a night owl for most of my life, but as with any healthy transition, I’m taking small steps. Halfway into the first month of the year, and I’m still finding it challenging.

From an energetic standpoint, there is an overall increase of energy in 2021 for all of us, meaning we have the energy in our reserve to do more, that is, if we choose to. I invite you to cultivate more body awareness this year if you haven’t been already. You might find that you have more stamina than last year or that it’s easier to build stamina than before. You might even find it harder to fall asleep. For anyone who isn’t using the extra energy you’ve been gifted this year, you may find it harder to sleep at night as you’re more likely to be restless or you might see a change in quality of sleep.

So in my case, to burn the excess energy gifted to us, I’m walking a lot more while purposely choosing longer routes, taking stairs instead of escalators, I’m doing more cardio-based exercises like dancing and boxing during the day. I used to get exhausted after an hour or so, to the point where I can’t even think straight and recently, even as I added more active exercises in my lifestyle routine, I’m not burning out as easily. I’ve even added a restorative yoga practice at night before bed to prepare the body for rest. I haven’t practiced yoga properly for a few years, so it’s been quite lovely to pick it up again as part of my nightly routine. Afterwards, I do a short meditation before I turn in and apply Reiki and emotional energy healing on myself after laying down in bed. Even though these might seem like very gentle activities before bed, and you might be wondering if it’d actually be burning up that much energy, trust me, they do. Don’t underestimate the power of restorative energy work. And Reiki is also something you can be trained in and apply on yourself too, you don’t have to be born gifted for it so that’s another option for you to consider if you want to gently channel your energy in a healthy and beneficial way.

So What’s Ahead For You In 2021?

As a person in this world living in 2021, we’re all collectively experiencing numerology 5 year together. However, as we are all born on different days, months and years, we also have something called a personal numerology year number that is more specific to us. It’s very helpful to make sense of what that means to us, and learn how we can benefit from that special energy. We can also see how the combination of our personal numerology year number and the global 5 numerology year can work together for a more optimal outcome.

To calculate your personal year number, you can add the month of your birth, day of your birth and this year 2021 as individual digits and see what it comes out to.

As an example, I’ll use my month and day of birth:  

April 16, 2021 would be 4+1+6+2+0+2+1 = 16

Then to reduce it to a single digit I would add 1+6 individually and that would equal 7.

The personal year here would be a number 7 and the global year number is a 5. So I’m working with a combination of a number 5 and 7 numerology year for 2021.

I’ve been doing a lot of numerology readings already this month, and I’m finding the readings for this year a lot more fun and exciting for my clients as there are potentials for massive, long-awaited changes this year. If you’re interested in learning more about your numerology chart, what your personal year cycle is for 2021, and how the global numerology 5 year will affect you, we can meet for a numerology session at my studio Corie Chu Healing in Central, Hong Kong or an online numerology session over a video chat.