2019 Mini Numerology Forecast


I wish you a beautiful, easy, breezy 2019 full of love and laughter, especially when life gets a little tough. I hope that a simple smile can remind you to keep your heart open.


Mini Numerology Forecast for 2019
2019 carries the energy of the number “3” on a global scale.

How is this calculated?
We breakdown 2019 and add each number individually. Then we reduce any number above 11 again by splitting the number up and adding it individually again:
2+0+1+9= 12
1+2 = 3

What does this mean?
It’s about having positive mind. Be playful, adventurous and spontaneous. Get involved/more involved with your community. Collaborate with others and let your creative juices flow! Pick up that old guitar and start strumming, even if you have no idea what you’re doing. Be willing to try new things. Make mistakes and don’t beat yourself up for it. 

While this is a great year to hangout with groups of people, choose to be around people who inspire you. And make sure you’re also blocking off some “me time” too so you don’t burnout. Lastly, don’t be surprised if you find yourself or others extremely moody as that’s one of the annoying things about a “3” year (but equally don’t let that be an excuse either.)

If you’re a Type A, a planner/doer you’ll find it more difficult to get everything and everyone in line with your normal expectations.
Tip: Create a skeleton plan then chuck it to the side and see what flows. Don’t worry, you can always refer to it whenever you need to.

If you’re more of a Type B, a chilled out person, you need to make sure you draw the line somewhere or else you’ll let the “3” year fly by without having achieved much at all.
Tip: Set up a few goals, create and complete at least 3 weekly action steps and check in with yourself every month to see where you stand. If you’re behind, it’s time to reel in some chill time and get going!

My predictions for 2019:
– There will be a rise in individuals wanting to find/create their community, and communities will be strong!
– Mental Health Awareness will soar. It will receive an increase in attention on a global scale, just as the plastic-free movement, vegetarian/veganism/plant-based diets have massively grown in the last year.
– Many more creative highlights will come.

I hope this short explanation of 2019’s “3” year is helpful to you. Do keep in mind that the “3” is an OVERALL global energy, but YOUR PERSONAL YEAR NUMBER for 2019 is much more relevant and specific to you. Your personal year number can give you much deeper insight to how you can maximize your year ahead.

More information about your own personal year number and personal year numbers for your loved ones will be shared at the upcoming “Numerology for 2019” workshop on Saturday, January 12 from 11am-1pm. Click the button below to find out more. I hope you can make it, otherwise please let me know if you’d be interested in booking a private Numerology session. It would be a great way to get a detailed look at your 2019 and insight on the years ahead.