Numerology for March, 2019: It’s time to gather up a trio and work that communal energy, Hong Kong (for The Honeycombers)

Here’s my latest for The Honeycombers on numerology and the universal energy flow for March 2019:

The Honeycombers March 2019 Numerology by Corie Chu.png

“Here are three things you should bear in mind for a productive March

January was about spending more time alone for self-growth and self-discovery. February was about spending time with someone else, but in a group setting. What about numerology for March? We have a double “3” this March: a “3” for the month of March and a “3” for the year 2019 (add 2+0+1+9 = 12, then we reduce any number above 11 by adding each digit individually, so 1+2 = 3). The number “3”  carries a happy-go-lucky/go-with-the-flow attitude that thrives even more in groups. So get ready for some meaningful conversations regarding mental health, support your local community by partaking in group activities like running races and paying visits to social enterprises in Hong Kong.”

Numerology for March: three things the universe wants you to focus on

1. Get involved with community and collaborate at work…