Animal Reiki

What is Animal Reiki?

Animal Reiki sessions work the same way as a Distance Reiki Session with humans.

I’ll need the following from you to facilitate an Animal Reiki session:

Cancellation Policy:

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. In the event you need to cancel your appointment after the 24-hour window, 100% of the session’s fee will be charged to you. Special medical circumstances will be reviewed to waive this charge.

Benefits of Animal Reiki Sessions:


When your pet is rested and in a healthier physical state, he or she is less likely to get sick, or if your pet is not well, then it gives your pet a beautiful supportive boost to its body so that he or she can naturally recover more quickly from illnesses, stress, injuries, or allergic reactions.

When your pet is in a more positive mental state, it can also help with reinforcing training and promote less negative behavior such as aggression. From there you’ll likely have a more holistically happy pet at home!


Investment for Animal Reiki Healing:


$1000 HKD  ($125 USD) / $1500 HKD ($192 USD)

For one pet only.

Additional pets will require separate sessions.

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