My Story as a Reiki Master Teacher & Healer

I’m a Reiki Master Teacher of the Traditional Usui Reiki lineage, Certified  Numerology Teacher/Numerologist, and Intuitive Energy Healer and Meditation Facilitator. Having spent over a decade working with film studios in Hollywood as a publicist and touring around the world with A-list celebrities, filmmakers, and film studio executives, I made quite a turn in my life and left that world to become a Reiki Master in Hong Kong. I enjoyed what I did back then, but gradually the eagerness died down, the days felt longer and were filled with never-ending, on-the-go, craze.  To say the least, I completely understand the pressure of working in a corporate environment, the stress behind non-stop traveling, and practically killing yourself to please top management and clients. I enjoyed the busyness a little too much and ironically, I found refuge in solving everyone else’s problems throughout day-to-day PR work to avoid my own. I especially enjoyed putting out the fires for others which was really my favorite part of my old job which I later realized was an incredibly handy skill to have as a Reiki Master and personal development coach. While looking for ways to relieve stress, I met a wonderful woman named Vida in early 2009 (a global “11” year). She’s a dance minister of the Afro-Brazilian samba tribe that I joined. What I didn’t know about Vida until later was that she was also an incredible spiritual teacher. Eventually, I “danced my way” into metaphysics. Vida taught me everything about chakras, body scans, color therapy, crystal healing, numerology, Angel Cards, Tarot Cards, Qi Gong and so much more.  While I started to find some balance, my lifestyle was still far from healthy. My supervisor at the time was 30 years old and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I saw how stressful of a life she lived, she was one of the most hardworking people I know. She genuinely loved her job and thrived at it. I felt many colleagues around me were just as passionate, but looking back I never felt the same way. If anything, it was because I loved the people I worked with so much that I stayed at my job for a lot longer than I intended to and for the stable pay. I had wanted to work as a Reiki healer already by then but I didn’t have the experience or confidence to and it just didn’t seem financially practical to me at the time.  After a few more years of negotiating with myself about making bigger changes versus making ends meet, I spontaneously decided to take a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I fell in love with the city and everything it had to offer. When I returned to LA from that trip, I was diagnosed with PCOS and an autoimmune thyroid disorder called Hashimoto’s and it reaffirmed the fact that I needed to make some big changes. So, I created my exit plan out of my job and LA. I gave myself a year to tie up loose ends, say my goodbye’s, and moved over to Argentina in 2011 (numerology nerd fact: age 27 is a year where we cross between two master cycles, usually suggesting a bigger probability of big life changes.) I continued my personal journey of self-discovery and healing around South America in 2012 (a global “5” year, and personal “7” year for me).  I started becoming more serious as a Reiki healer, but I was testing it out on myself first by focusing on my thyroid disorder. I started honing on more with my skills as a Reiki healer while I had a little more time to focus on myself and next steps I wanted to take.  While in South America, I met great Reiki teachers along the way and had many, MANY memorable experiences that absolutely filled my soul. I spent time all around the continent. It was a wildly transformative year.

“I deeply believe that unresolved emotions manifest into physical health problems and mental health issues while blocking up our energy flow, and that it is key to heal the emotional root of any problem for long-term benefits.”

Out of nowhere, I kept getting the message in my head, “Move to Hong Kong, move to Hong Kong. You will meet your Sifu (a Chinese word for “grand master teacher” there). Who is this Sifu I’m meant to meet?

So, I decided to take a leap of faith and dig into my roots so I moved to Hong Kong. (It so happened right at the end of June/beginning of July, a “6” and “7” month respectively which represents a new home, reunion with family, and a safe space in numerology)

I desired to get to know my city, my culture, and most importantly, my family as an adult after having been away from my family for over a decade. The concrete jungle, small spaces, and external judgments stemming from traditions and cultural beliefs made me feel overwhelmingly ungrounded, not to mention expensive rent made it even harder for me to believe in myself that I could be a Reiki healer here but over time, light, love, and guidance from the Universe, I was finally able to feel at home again and start believing in myself again. I started manifesting my dream of becoming a Reiki Master in Hong Kong.

When I first returned to Hong Kong I was completely lost and had no idea where to start again. Interestingly enough I got some health checkups done to get an update on my thyroid disorder and PCOS and the crazy story was, after a year of focused energy healing work on myself, my thyroid disorder was completely gone. The doctors were so surprised when they looked at the blood tests from a year before and the new ones because the new ones didn’t even show markers that would indicate any kind of thyroid dysfunction anymore. It was completely unbelievable. I became one of those success cases, and made me want to be a Reiki healer for others so much more. It gave me even more confidence to pursue becoming a Reiki Master.

While I wanted to transition full time as a Reiki healer, I continued to freelance for film studios to make ends meet. I was touring in Asia to promote their films with talent while working as a Reiki healer on the side. I was lucky too because a lot of the filmmakers, talent and studio executives were super supportive of my practice as a Reiki healer too! I would sometimes offer therapy to them during our down time. 

Eventually, I became more comfortable as a Reiki healer and took on clients regularly. Over the years I became a Reiki Master and I knew it was a matter of time before I left the film world and worked full-time as a Reiki Master in Hong Kong. 

Years after working as a Reiki Master, I then considered taking on the role of a Reiki teacher more seriously. Never did I think in my life that I would actually become a Reiki teacher because it seemed like such a huge role and responsibility to train others to become practitioners themselves. I know it may sound strange because some lineages make becoming a Reiki teacher quite easy, but it wasn’t a week-long journey for me. It wasn’t until years later that I actually started teaching people after I became a Reiki teacher. It just happened to work out that way and I’m so glad it did (thanks Universe!)

At age 33 (a year commonly marked for major career transitions in Numerology), I dedicated myself to full service in the healing space; guiding those desiring self-growth, or going through healing transformations through coaching, numerology readings, offering sessions as a Reiki Master in Hong Kong while teaching as a Reiki Master Teacher. It was also the year I met the Sifu I was looking for when I decided to move back to Hong Kong on a whim! He gave me so much encouragement to be a Reiki Master and Reiki teacher, I wouldn’t be who I am today without him. 

At 36, I started experiencing a lot of fabulous internal shifts. I felt even more confident and embraced myself the most I ever had on a personal level and as a Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher. I shared a little more about why turning 36 is a big deal for everyone, especially women, as we can start forecasting some other major transitions in my blog post here.

I specialize in energy treatments as powerful tools for deep self-discovery, reflection, connection with self, healing, and real self-love. I also integrate mindfulness and personal development coaching in my work for those who are keen to take action over their own journeys within our sessions. 

Curious to know why I mentioned the numbers “5” and “11” global years, “7” personal year, life cycles at age 27, “6” and “7” month as examples in my story? I didn’t know about any of it at the time. I promise, so much unfolds through Numerology! I wrote another one called “Why Turning 36 Is a Big Deal, Especially For Women” too.

Look out for my other blog posts, and upcoming events as well. In the meantime, check out my in-depth interview about my journey as a Reiki Master in Hong Kong with Honeycombers HK HERE.

I am based in Hong Kong. I offer 1:1 private sessions, group classes, teaching, and workshops at my private studio in Central. I also offer distant sessions to clients worldwide via Google Meet and WhatsApp. I also travel to wherever I am called to facilitate treatment sessions, teaching and workshops. I work with humans and pets too. Please check out the “Services” section to learn more. 


My Credentials:


I’d like to thank my Sifu whom I’m glad I trusted my gut, moved to Hong Kong, and miraculously met after these years of dreams, all my spiritual teachers, mentors, family, friends, clients, and students for the great life lessons, knowledge, guidance, love, light and support I’ve received thus far, empowering me to create this space and my practice to share with you all. 

I’m not going to lie, it took me a long time to feel comfortable with putting myself out there, using the name Corie Chu Healing for my business, referring to myself as a Reiki healer and then later as Reiki Master, and finally becoming a Reiki Master Teacher as I had to go thru my own set of self-worth issues, but here we are today and I’ve never been more confident, connected with myself after having done a whole lot of therapy and self-acceptance, which allowed self-growth to happen. Embracing that has added hugely to my process of self-love and I believe it can for anyone, who is willing to show up for themselves and do the inner work. 

I hope that I will find an audience in you and I hope that you will join me on this journey into our hearts – growing organically, and abundantly, and discovering ourselves through wellness and healing, ultimately improving our well-being.

With so much love,


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Watch a short intro video to learn more about me, your potential Reiki Teacher and/or Reiki Master in Hong Kong. And always, feel free to email me with any further questions you might have.

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About My Journey as a Reiki Healer – FAQs:

I became a Reiki healer in 2010.
I started practicing as a Reiki healer in Los Angeles but as a hobby on the side for friends and family who were in need, but not as a professional Reiki healer.
I became a Reiki Master in 2017.
I became a Reiki Teacher in early 2018 but I didn’t feel too comfortable teaching until later in 2019 after I met my second Reiki Teacher and re-did my training with her.

A Reiki Master is someone who holds the highest degree as a practitioner. They have learned advanced levels and are able to practice on clients professionally. A Reiki Teacher is someone who is qualified to teach and train people to have the ability to practice Reiki themselves, to become a practitioner. Only Reiki Teachers are able to give out attunements (a process that allows a person to have the ability to practice it. Reiki Masters are unable to do this). Think of it this way, a Reiki Master in Hong Kong is experienced enough to facilitate a session at the most advanced level, and a Reiki teacher is a trainer. 

The term Reiki Master Teacher was created by Dr. Usui’s protege, Mrs. Hawayo Takata because too many people got confused by the term Reiki Master and thought that Reiki Masters could train people to become practitioners too. In order to become a Reiki Teacher, you must have gone through all the levels and become a Reiki Master first. Only then do Reiki Masters qualify to enter the teacher training process to become a Reiki teacher.

I absolutely do, but I don’t currently offer formal practitioner level teachings unless it is face-to-face. I do have some self-development e-courses available. Please check out my online store page to see my offerings and let’s do some work together from the comfort of your home at a very affordable rate (for less than $50 USD). More online offerings will be coming soon too!

To be honest, Intuitive Energy Healing is my favorite jam but I love introducing the foundations of these therapies to anyone new to it as a Reiki Master for sessions and Reiki teacher if they are learning the practice. Numerology is fascinating on so many levels and the accuracy of it all still blows my mind each time I do a chart.