I’m a Reiki Master Teacher of the Traditional Usui Reiki lineage, Certified Numerology Teacher/Practitioner, and Intuitive Energy Healer and Meditation Facilitator.

Having spent over a decade working with film studios in Hollywood as a publicist and touring with A-list celebrities. I enjoyed what I did back then, but gradually the eagerness died down, the days felt longer and were filled with never ending, on-the-go, craze. To say the least, I completely understand the pressure of working in a corporate environment, the stress behind non-stop traveling and practically killing yourself to please top management and clients.

While looking for ways to relieve stress, I met Vida Vierra in early 2009 (a global “11” year). She’s a dance minister of Afro-Brazilian samba tribe that I joined. What I didn’t know about Vida until later was that she was also an incredible spiritual teacher. Eventually, I “danced my way” into metaphysics. Vida taught me everything about chakras, aura readings, body scans, color therapy, crystal healing, numerology, Art of Isyss, I-Ching, Angel Cards, Tarot Cards, Qi Gong and much more.

While I started to find some balance, my lifestyle was still far from healthy.

After a few more years of negotiating with myself about making bigger changes v.s. making ends meet, I spontaneously decided to take a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I fell IN LOVE with the city and everything it had to offer. EVERY FIBER OF MY BODY FELT AT HOME THERE.

So I created my exit plan out of LA. I gave myself a year to tie up loose ends, say my goodbye’s and moved over there in 2011 (at age 27, a huge cross between life cycles as we call it in Numerology).

I continued my personal journey of self-discovery and healing around South America in 2012 (a global “5” year, and personal “7” year for me). I met great teachers along the way and had many, MANY memorable experiences that absolutely filled my soul. I spent time all around the continent. It was my most transformative year yet.

“I deeply believe that unresolved emotions manifest into physical health problems and mental health issues while blocking up our energy flow and that it is key to heal the emotional root of any problem for long-term benefits.”

Then I decided it was time to dig into my roots, so I moved to Hong Kong (right at the end of June/beginning of July, a “6” and “7” month respectively). I desired to get to know my city, my culture and most importantly, my family as an adult. The concrete jungle, small spaces, external judgements stemming from traditions and cultural beliefs made me feel overwhelmingly ungrounded, but with time, light, love and Divine guidance, I was able finally able to feel at home again.

At age 33 (a year commonly marked for major career transitions in Numerology), I dedicated myself to full service in the conscious heart space; guiding those seeking, or going through personal transformations. I am based in Hong Kong and travel to wherever I am called.

I shared a little more about why turning 36 is a big deal for everyone, especially women, as we can start forecasting some other major transitions in my blog post here.

I specialize in Reiki, Numerology and a blend of Intuitive Energy Healing treatments, powerful tools for deep self-discovery, reflection and healing. I also integrate personal development coaching in my work for those who are keen to take action over their own journeys.

Curious to know why I mentioned the numbers “5” and “11” global years, “7” personal year, life cycles at age 27, “6” and “7” month as examples in my story? Even I didn’t know about any of it at the time. I promise, so much unfolds through Numerology! I wrote another one called “Why Turning 36 Is a Big Deal, Especially For Women” too.

Look out for my other Reiki, Numerology blog posts, and upcoming events as well.

In the meantime, check out my in-depth interview about my journey into Reiki, Numerology, and Energy Healing with Honeycombers HK HERE.

I offer 1-on-1 private sessions, group classes, practitioner/teacher trainings and workshops. Please check out the “Services” section to learn more.


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I’d like to thank all my spiritual teachers, mentors, my family, my friends, my clients and students for the great life lessons, knowledge, guidance, love, light and support I’ve received thus far, empowering me to create this space and my practice to share with you all.

I hope that I will find an audience in you and I hope that you will join me on this journey into our hearts – growing organically, abundantly, and discovering ourselves through wellness and healing, ultimately improving our well-being.

With so much love,


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