Reiki Healing Therapy with Corie Chu

Helping you heal and release emotional blockages affecting your mind, body, spirit & energy so you can feel a whole lot lighter, grounded, clear, free, and be your best self with Reiki, Numerology and Intuitive Healing.

We offer in-person Reiki Healing sessions in Hong Kong, and Distant Healing sessions worldwide.


If you’re here today, it’s likely that you want to feel lighter, clear, free, and grounded so you can be more aligned with yourself, but there are just a few problems…

  • Significantly less stressed
  • Experience less pain and or discomfort in your body
  • HEAL
  • Feel more grounded
  • And have a real chance to connect with your true self
  • Develop self-awareness and self-acceptance


All which will lead you to find more happiness, purpose and a life where your heart feels full. And it would be a real pleasure for me to support you on your journey.

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Reiki & Other Healing Services


Reiki Healing Therapy (In-Person & Distance)

Reiki is one of the most popular forms of energy healing to date. Reiki therapy is safe for all ages and anyone in any condition (and yes that means Reiki is also safe for anyone pregnant, ill, or in any sort of chronic condition). If anything, we should say Reiki therapy is even more beneficial for anyone in those conditions as it can be extra supportive to them. 

Reiki is an alternative, all-natural, holistic, pain-free, and effective way to manage and relieve stress and support our body’s healing along with our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Reiki is also super helpful in assisting any big, sudden changes in life.

On top of being one of the most popular forms of day-to-day self-care, Reiki treatment has also become a type of complementary alternative medicine at leading integrative centers at top hospitals such as Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic. Reiki therapy is offered as a service to support patients with chronic diseases. Reiki healing is a truly gentle, yet powerful and effective way that can support a person’s health in a complementary and holistic manner. 


  • Are you keen to restore and balance your energy levels? 
  • Are you hoping to feel recharged from stress and burnout? 
  • Are you keen to connect with yourself better, and feel lighter and more at peace internally? 
  • Are you wanting to show up better for yourself and the people you love with less negative energy?
  • Are you worried that your recent levels of negative energy could affect the people you love?

If so, it sounds like you’re ready to support yourself and your well-being with a Reiki healing session. Reiki healing treatment could really do wonders for you!


Intuitive Healing (In-Person & Distance)

Looking for some real deep healing that’s stronger than Reiki?

This is a blend of safe and advanced healing techniques focused on emotional healing and emotional release. It includes the benefits of Reiki treatment and does much more.

It’s FIVE times more effective than Reiki therapy itself and continues healing within your body longer after a session, lasting up to 5 days, whereas Reiki lasts up to 2 days.

It’s an opportunity to connect deeply with our body and emotions, addressing emotional layers that are ready to be released.


Animal Reiki Healing

Is your furry babe in need of some Reiki healing? I haven’t come across an animal who doesn’t love receiving Reiki therapy. Reiki naturally heals their body and gives them some extra TLC.

Additionally, for any pets who are recovering from any injuries, or medical procedures, Animal Reiki treatments provide pain relief naturally, support their immune system, and help them recover much more quickly. 

Our cheeky team member, Dumpling was born with luxating patella issues which has left constant dull pain and stiffness around her leg and hips. We support her issue by watching her weight, taking her swimming to strengthen her muscles once or twice a month, infrared treatments at home once a week at home, and Reiki healing treatments almost nightly. She was previously diagnosed with grade 2 luxating patella issues and in two years she’s moved over to grade 1 luxating patella (grade 1 being the lowest grade and grade 4 being the highest) and has stayed in the grade 1 category since then which has been such a huge blessing. She’s currently 6 years old, and she’s thankfully healthy, spunky, and thriving!

Our other team member, Wonton loves to snuggle up and skilfully bump my hand around with her nose onto her body so that she can enjoy Reiki therapy too. Both our dogs and other pets we’ve come across absolutely love Animal Reiki treatments and we can see the obvious change in comfort levels they feel just as they sink into relaxation with a comfy, super satisfied smile on their faces. 

Most importantly, Reiki therapy aids them mentally and emotionally, especially from any traumas they may have experienced so they can feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation which is imperative for their body to heal well.

Discover the benefits of Animal Reiki treatments for your pet. Alternatively, you can learn how to apply Reiki therapy for your pet at home, at a friend’s house, or even at any animals you may frequently visit at animal shelters or elsewhere through my Reiki Level 1 course. 


Numerology Readings

Your birthdate contains abundant information about you.

A Numerology Reading can share much about who you are, your life’s challenges, your talent and natural gifts, and your path and purpose.

It serves as a wonderful guide if you want to learn more about yourself, or when you’re feeling a little lost in life so you can gain a different perspective, motivation, and inspiration too!


Become A Reiki Practitioner

Are you interested in practicing Reiki in Hong Kong? I offer Reiki HK-based training multiple times throughout the year in one-on-one settings, semi-private (2-3 people), and in groups (4 people or more). The Reiki HK based courses I offer are:

  • Reiki Level 1 (also known as first-degree Reiki) is mainly for developing a self-healing Reiki practice and to develop a level of Reiki treatments that can be shared with family and close friends. 

  • Reiki Level 2 (also known as second-degree Reiki) is an advanced level curriculum (prerequisite Reiki 1) where you learn to share Reiki with others and facilitate distance healing. You will be able to offer Reiki treatments professionally too if you’d like to at this level.


Learn more about my Reiki HK-based training services in the button below. 

I do from time to time offer training in different countries, or for corporations, but not online. Please contact me if you are interested to discuss more.

Reiki Treatment & Healing Therapy Client Reviews


Hi there, I'm Corie Chu. I'm a Reiki Master Teacher, Numerologist, and Intuitive Energy Healer.

A Hong Kong-born, Los Angeles-raised, metaphysics practitioner with a specialization in emotional energy healing. My happiest days are spent helping others journey into their hearts, healing old wounds, developing self-awareness, a real sense of self-love, and self-growth

I also train those who want to learn Reiki for self-healing, and Numerology for self-discovery further too.

I run a private practice at my healing studio in Central, Hong Kong. Come in for a session if you’re keen to create some real, long-lasting changes in your life. I am available by appointment only.

Ready to connect with yourself more deeply? 

All You Need to Know About
Your Reiki Healing

What is Reiki?

Reiki means “universal life force energy” in Japanese, and Reiki healing is used to restore harmony in the mind, body, and spirit.

Reiki healing energy flows out of the hands of a trained professional. By gently placing the hands-on areas of the body where energy blockages are, Reiki healing works with your body to resolve and heal these blockages so that your body can feel much more balanced on a holistic level.

Reiki healing is effective as a form of alternative healing by itself. Reiki is also commonly used in integrative medicine to complement other Western, Eastern, or other alternative practices.

Reiki healing is 100% safe for anyone (and pets) to receive.

There is no belief system attached to Reiki so anyone, of any age, and in any condition (especially pregnant, sick, or elderly) can enjoy receiving Reiki healing safely and comfortably. 


The only prerequisite to a Reiki treatment is the desire to be healed and for better overall physical, mental, spiritual, energetic, and emotional well-being.

Learn more about how Reiki healing is also a great complementary alternative therapy. Reiki works incredibly well with Eastern and Western medicine.

A Reiki healing treatment can be given anywhere without the need to remove any clothing. A Reiki session begins with a conversation between us to discuss what you would like to heal from, whether it’s from the past, present, or fears that you may have about the future. The beginning of a Reiki session is the perfect time for you to open up as much as possible for you to experience the most benefits of healing.

What Happens During a Reiki HK Session?

During a Reiki Hong Kong in-person session, we will start with a short chat to go over what it is that created the interest in having a Reiki healing session. Afterward, you will be invited to sit on top of the massage table for an energetic body scan for an evaluation. From there, I will determine which area(s) within your body needs the most Reiki therapy and spend more time in these areas during our Reiki HK treatment.

Reiki healing is then applied to bring the energy levels back into balance. You will be fully clothed during the entire Reiki healing therapy session. Clients leave feeling lighter, more relaxed, balanced, optimistic, and inspired. We urge you to drink lots of water and have a slow, easy, and relaxing rest of your day (if possible, but not absolutely necessary). If meeting for a Reiki Hong Kong in-person session is not possible, a distance session is available too.

For New Reiki Hong Kong Clients:

To experience significant and transformative healing effects, it is recommended that new Reiki Hong Kong clients undergo a series of 3-5 Reiki treatments.

For your initial Reiki therapy treatment, I kindly suggest opting for a minimum of a 90-minute Reiki healing session. This extended Reiki session allows me to get to know you better, understand any specific issues you would like to address, and provide you with additional self-development practices that you can follow at home. By having a longer first Reiki healing session, we can also establish clear objectives for your future Reiki treatments.

During subsequent follow-up Reiki sessions, we will briefly review the impact of previous Reiki healing sessions on you, discuss any new sources of stress, and promptly proceed with your next Reiki treatment.

Please note that the purpose of recommending multiple Reiki HK sessions is to enhance the overall effectiveness of the healing process and ensure a more profound and lasting impact on your well-being.

For follow-up Reiki healing Hong Kong appointments, you have the option of choosing 60-minute Reiki healing treatments. Alternatively, if you prefer longer Reiki HK sessions, we provide 90-minute and 120-minute Reiki healing sessions as options too. 

Regarding Your Reiki Healing Hong Kong Appointment:

When attending an in-person Reiki healing Hong Kong appointment, please ensure that you arrive punctually so that you can fully benefit from your Reiki session.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing that allows for relaxation during the Reiki healing treatment. It’s important to note that you may still experience energetic detoxification after every Reiki healing session. Consequently, it would be advisable to take it easy for the remainder of the day and evening (if possible, but it is purely a suggestion).

If resting is not feasible, feel free to proceed with your usual activities after our Reiki HK session. However, it is important to acknowledge that you might not be as attuned to the benefits of the treatment from your Reiki healing Hong Kong session as well, and external factors such as overhearing an argument on the phone could increase stress levels and detract from the healing process that is needed.

After Your Reiki Healing Hong Kong Appointment:

The healing effects from a Reiki therapy session can continue in your body for a period of up to 2 days.

As a recommendation, it is advisable to restrict your intake of red meat, alcohol, recreational drugs, caffeine, and white processed sugar post-Reiki therapy for 1-2 days to have less toxins in your body to deal with while it is in a detoxing phase. If you’re able to spend a little time in the sun (while sitting at the park, or by the harbor) after your Reiki HK session, that would be extra helpful for your body to naturally detox better as well. 

Cancellation Policy for Reiki Healing Hong Kong appointment:

Our cancellation policy requires a notice of at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled Reiki Hong Kong appointment. If you cancel your Reiki healing Hong Kong appointment after this 24-hour window, the full fee for the Reiki HK session will be charged.

However, exceptions can be made to waive this charge in cases of special medical circumstances, which will be assessed on an individual basis. Please inform us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your Reiki healing Hong Kong appointment.

Investment for Your Reiki Healing Session:



$1350 HKD

($175 USD)


(Best for first sessions)

$2000 HKD

($255 USD)


$2650 HKD

($340 USD)


(3 x 60 Minute Sessions, 3 month validity)

$3900 HKD ($500 USD)


(5 x 60 Minute Sessions, 6 month validity)

$6250 HKD ($800 USD)

Want to know more about my Reiki practice? Read my interviews with SCMP, Honeycombers HK and Compare Retreats.

About Reiki Therapy - FAQs:

Reiki is a favored type of alternative healing therapy. Reiki is so popular because it is safe for anyone to receive as a treatment. Reiki therapy is a hands-on healing practice that existed in ancient times and was rediscovered and founded by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922. Reiki was famously spread by his Reiki successor and students, namely, Dr. Chijiro Hayashi in Japan and Mrs. Hawayo Takata in America. To this date, there are tens of thousands of people who practice Reiki in HK and around the world.

Literally, anyone can benefit from Reiki healing treatments. They are amazing forms of energy pick-me-ups that will do more for you than you’d think.

Reiki is a non-invasive form of therapy that compliments anyone in ANY condition. And yes, that means anyone sick, in a chronic condition, the elderly or pregnant, and in postpartum can really benefit from Reiki therapy. In fact, it’s especially helpful to them and Reiki treatments are encouraged even more so for them to support their health conditions and recovery better.

From stress management to being a supportive tool in someone’s chronic health condition, Reiki has a huge range of benefits. Here is a list of how Reiki treatments can benefit you or someone you know:

  • Reiki provides major stress relief and it is a supportive tool for stress management. 

Reiki healing therapy can help dilute the feelings of stress and tension. Reiki therapy serves as an effective tool for stress management. Reiki aims to release stress and takes care of the energy imbalance in your body from daily tasks that kick up our adrenaline levels.


  • Reiki provides recovery for your body.

When receiving a Reiki healing treatment, your parasympathetic nervous system activates allowing you to relax much more deeply. Reiki healing treatments are aimed at supporting your endocrine system too, taking care of the heavily working organs so that your entire body can recover and feel taken care of too. Additionally, Reiki healing can support quicker recovery in the body, anything from common colds to post-surgery healing.


  • Reiki supports healing from traumatic experiences.

Our body can hold a range of strong emotions from traumatic experiences. With the help of Reiki healing treatments, we can gradually shift the energy in our body to restore its balance, allowing our body and ourselves to feel safer while we gently heal our emotions. 


  • Reiki supports our mental health.

Reiki therapy aids mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Reiki healing therapy serves to ease the feelings that cause anxiety and depression as well as provide relief to those experiencing different types and stages of anxiety and depression. 


  • Reiki healing helps us cope with grief and loss better.

While Reiki can’t change the past, Reiki therapy can help us cope with our emotions better as Reiki helps every individual heal on a holistic level. Emotions can be extra overwhelming when we have to deal with grief and loss- making it harder to generally go about our day, to work or perform tasks well, to eat, or even have an appetite and our ability to sleep/quality of sleep. Reiki healing treatments are gentle and soothing, especially during difficult times.


  • Reiki healing helps us cope with separation or divorce.

Separation and divorce are another form of grief that can also stir up a huge range of negative emotions such as anger, shame and sadness. Reiki healing treatments work to help us find a better balance in our emotions so that we’re able to move onto next steps with a clearer mind even with a broken heart.


  • Reiki is great for pain relief (even with chronic pains).

Many of our Reiki Hong Kong clients suffer from chronic pain – such as lower back pain from herniated discs, sciatica, frozen shoulders, hip pain, you name it. One Reiki session won’t miraculously remove the pain, but each Reiki healing treatment can help ease some of the pain paired with any regular stretches or mobility work that you may be doing.


  • Reiki to support cancer patients.

Reiki is a popular tool for cancer patients. Although Reiki healing therapy is unable to reverse cancers or any chronic diseases, regular Reiki healing treatments can absolutely aid a patient’s natural levels of energy, to help them cope with the pain, discomfort and to help cancer patients relax and sleep better. Many of our cancer clients like to schedule Reiki healing therapy sessions while undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Reiki treatments can be facilitated in person at our Reiki Hong Kong based studio or remotely where cancer patients can rest up in the comfort of their own home. 


  • Reiki to support chronic diseases and conditions such as Crohn’s.

Our Reiki healing Hong Kong studio worked with clients with a large range of chronic diseases, mainly gastrointestinal and around women’s health. For those with chronic health issues such as IBS, SIBO, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, etc. Reiki healing therapy works with your body to provide healing for each condition. For those who have been diagnosed with early stages of chronic diseases, Reiki healing treatments are helpful, however we’d recommend other more advanced forms of healing to go along with Reiki therapy for more effective support. 


  • Reiki improves mental clarity.

Reiki healing treatments help to move through energy blockages around our head which have been causing our minds to feel heavy, stuck or lead to brain fog or the like. Typically, we’ll feel much lighter with a clearer head after a Reiki healing therapy session.


  • Reiki helps us move through emotional blockage.

Often when we’re emotionally overwhelmed, we repress or suppress some emotion. Over time, that causes emotional blockages in our body. Sometimes it may be hard to feel emotions even because we can get that blocked up. Reiki healing therapy is helpful in bringing our emotions back into balance, however if you’re looking for emotional healing or emotional release, we would recommend you try our other types of sessions instead as they are advanced Reiki sessions with a stronger focus on emotional health.


  • Reiki helps us connect with ourselves and develop a stronger sense of intuition.

While Reiki is not a psychic tool itself, Reiki treatments allow us the time, space, and healing to reconnect with ourselves better, clear our minds, and listen to our hearts better so naturally we’re able to develop our intuition and continuously nurture higher levels of intuition through further Reiki treatments. 


  • Reiki promotes spirituality.

Although Reiki healing therapy is not a strictly spiritual practice, it definitely promotes a greater sense of spirituality as we’re able to connect with ourselves and in deeper levels of consciousness during a Reiki treatment. 


  • Reiki healing supports our overall well-being.

As Reiki heals on all levels, Reiki therapy can help us restore our well-being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so we show up for ourselves, for others – at home, work, in social situations as the best version of ourselves. 


  • Reiki assistance during emergencies.

Sending Reiki to assist with emergencies may seem impractical to some, but there have been many miraculous changes of events when Reiki is sent to heal a dire situation someone is in such as a stroke, heart attack, accidents, or in the middle of a natural disaster.


  • Reiki for important dates, events and special occasions.

Sending Reiki to an important event or situation (such as a big exam, job interview, big wedding etc) is similar to the concept of sending good vibes, but it’s so much more. Dedicating Reiki for situations or to support a challenging situation could help the process run much more smoothly, and for everyone involved too.


  • Reiki to heal our relationship with ourselves and with others.

Reiki healing therapy can help us enhance our relationship with ourselves. Many people feel more connected with themselves, their emotions and their heart much deeper, leaving the ego at the door during Reiki healing therapy sessions.  Reiki naturally encourages self-growth as we continue to show up for ourselves with the desire to heal, change, grow, accept, and discover more about ourselves in an exciting, empowering way. 

As with anything in the world, things evolve and so does Reiki. Traditional Reiki is a rare practice to find these days for two reasons. 

One is because many Reiki Master Teachers have added their own flavor to the traditional Reiki practice therefore it is no longer simply pure Reiki. Some have mixed it with other modalities. Unfortunately, that also means that the effectiveness of Reiki is questionable too because again, as with anything, if you break too much apart you lose the traditional essence of it. 

And secondly, some of them have taken Reiki to the commercial route and have taken it in a New Age direction. Traditional Reiki was never a New Age practice and it was never intended to be, however, some healers have made a personal choice to take it in that direction. Dr. Usui founded Reiki with the intention of finding a non-invasive, practical hands-on healing method. Reiki is a tool to assist with spiritual development but the practice itself was not intended to be spiritual, but rather healing which may promote spirituality.

Reiki therapy is safe for all ages. Our Reiki healing Hong Kong studio frequently works with children and even newborn babies. As newborns have yet to develop a strong immune system, Reiki is a great tool to support the growth of their immune system and overall health. As it may be tricky to expect a child to lay on a massage bed for a 45-60 minute Reiki treatment, we often suggest remote treatments. However, if the parent or guardian is confident that their child could rest easily for a treatment, then in-person Reiki healing treatments are great too. Both in-person and distance Reiki healing sessions produce the same effect and are just as beneficial.

There’s no actual limit to how often you can receive Reiki treatments. You could receive it every day even if you wanted to, or for clients in poor health conditions. As Reiki healing can continue working in your body for up to 2 days after a Reiki session, we generally recommend Reiki sessions every 3-14 days depending on your needs for the first few sessions, and then spread them out more around every 3-4 weeks. We can discuss in more detail after your Reiki treatment. 

Reiki therapy is effective on its own and it is also complementary with other therapies. Reiki is considered a type of CAM (Complementary Alternative Therapy) and it has been recognized by leading medical institutions. Bigger hospitals in the US such as Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic among many others offer Reiki at their integrative medical center to their patients. 

The answer is no. The benefits of Reiki healing therapy are just the same whether we meet for a Reiki Hong Kong in-person or an online session. The only difference is that we won’t be physically in the same room. Some people prefer receiving Reiki healing therapy in the comfort of their own home and some prefer coming in, if they are in the city, for a Reiki Hong Kong session at our relaxing private studio in Central.

The answer is no. Anyone can receive Reiki healing therapy however it may be harder to notice the effects of Reiki if you are actively closing your mind towards the idea of Reiki. The good news is the actual Reiki healing therapy and benefits of Reiki will still be obtained during the Reiki healing treatment.  

I practice the most traditional form of Reiki called Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki which can be clearly traced back to Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. Chijiro Hayashi, and Mrs. Hawayo Takata.

If you’re interested in meeting in person for a Reiki Hong Kong session, we are located in Central, Hong Kong at 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace. Our grey colored building is centered just in between Chickpea and Benefit Brows.

Please click here to book your Reiki Healing Hong Kong in-person session, or distant session if you are located outside Hong Kong. If you have questions regarding your Reiki HK session or have any concerns about different time zones, please feel free to email me at

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