Helping you heal and release emotional blockages affecting your mind, body, spirit & energy so you can feel a whole lot lighter, grounded, clear, free, and be your best self.

Reiki, Numerology, Intuitive Healing sessions in Hong Kong, and Distance healing worldwide.


If you’re here today, it’s likely that you want to feel lighter, clear, free, and grounded so you can be more aligned with yourself, but there are just a few problems…

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Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a basic form of energy healing. It is safe for all ages and anyone in any condition. 

It’s a popular and effective way to address stress, any big, sudden changes in life and support a person’s health in a complimentary and holistic manner.  

Restore, balance and recharge yourself with a Reiki session.


Intuitive Energy Healing

Looking for some real deep energy healing that’s stronger than Reiki?

Intuitive Energy Healing is a blend of safe and advanced energy healing techniques focused on emotional healing and emotional release. It includes the benefits of Reiki and does much more.

It’s FIVE times more effective than Reiki and continues healing longer in the body after a session.

It’s an opportunity to connect deeply with our body and emotions, addressing emotional layers that are ready to be released.


Animal Reiki

Is your furry babe in need of some Reiki? I haven’t come across an animal who doesn’t love Reiki. It naturally heals their body, and gives them extra TLC.

Additionally for any pets who are recovering from any injuries, or medical procedures, Animal Reiki provides pain relief naturally, supports their immune system, and helps them recover much more quickly

Most importantly, it aids them mentally and emotionally, especially from any traumas they may have experienced so they can feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation which is imperative for their body to heal well.

Discover the benefits of Animal Reiki for your pet.


Numerology Readings

Your birthdate contains abundant information about you.

A Numerology Reading can share much about who you are, your life’s challenges, your talent and natural gifts, your path and purpose.

It serves as a wonderful guide if you want to learn more about yourself, or when you’re feeling a little lost in life so you can gain a different perspective, motivation and inspiration too!


Become A Practitioner

Are you interested in becoming a Reiki Practitioner or Numerologist?

Check out the various practitioner training courses I offer such as Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Numerology for beginners and advanced Numerology.

Happy Clients


Hi there, I'm Corie Chu. I'm a Reiki Master Teacher, Numerologist, and Intuitive Energy Healer.

A Hong Kong born, Los Angeles raised, metaphysics practitioner with a specialization in emotional energy healing. My happiest days are spent helping others journey into their hearts, healing old wounds, developing self-awareness, a real sense of self-love and self-growth.

I also train those who want to learn Reiki for self-healing, and Numerology for self-discovery too.

I run a private practice at my healing studio in Soho, Central, Hong Kong. Come in for a session if you’re keen to create some real, long-lasting changes in your life. I am available by appointment only.

Ready for your heart to feel full?

Meet Our Team


Corie Chu

Reiki Master Teacher
Intuitive Healer


Chief Happiness Officer
Animal Reiki Model
Emotional Support Dog (in training)


Chief Trouble Maker
Animal Reiki Model
Snuggle Bunny

A new episode about Intuitive Energy Healing is officially live across the web. Check it out!

I am excited to say that I did my first podcast and it was with the Interested Podcast with Dona Eder. Tune into my episode about – Emotional Healing and Emotional Release through Intuitive Energy Healing. It’s officially live across the web!

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Numerology Forecast for 2024

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Reiki 1 Training

Group trainings are currently on hiatus but 1:1 Reiki trainings are available.

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