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What Does Your Heart Wish To Feel Today?

Corie Chu
hey there, i'm corie chu

I'm a Reiki Master Teacher, Numerologist, and Intuitive Energy Healer.

A Hong Kong born, Los Angeles raised, metaphysics practitioner with a specialization in emotional energy healing. My happiest days are spent helping others journey into their hearts, healing old wounds holistically, developing self-awareness and growing consciously.

I also train those who want to learn Reiki for self-healing, and Numerology for self-discovery too.

I run a private practice at my healing studio in Soho, Central, Hong Kong. Feel free to come in for a session if you’re keen to create some real, long-lasting changes in your life. I am available by appointment only.

What is your heart looking for today?

A new episode on Intuitive Energy Healing is officially live across the web. Check it out!

I am excited to say that I did my first podcast and it was with the Interested Podcast with Dona Eder. Tune into my episode about – Emotional Release with Intuitive Energy Healing. It’s officially live across the web!

REIKI Energy Healing

Do you give too much to others?

Are you constantly feeling stressed?

Are you feeling indecisive and ungrounded?

It it time for a transition?

Let’s figure out why all that is.

Restore, balance and recharge with Reiki.


Your birthdate contains abundant information about you.

Curious to find out what it holds for you?

Let’s unlock your treasure chest together.

INTUITIVE Energy Healing

Looking for some real deep energy healing?

Intuitive Energy Healing is a blend of safe and advanced energy healing.

Have you not felt like yourself in a while?

Or are you ready for self-growth and expansion?

Have you had any prolonged mental, physical or emotional health issues?

Are you feeling burnt out?

Ready to take ownership of yourself again?

A few intuitive healing sessions should do the trick.

Become A Practitioner

Interested in becoming a Reiki or Numerology Practitioner?

Check out the various practitioner level trainings I offer.

Become A Practitioner through distance reiki

Journey Inward With Me

I love sharing my practice through writing and events.

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